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  1. Yeah, wrong use of words, sorry. But what I wanted to say is not : but more like: even if there is polluted water on the screen, and not water (brown circles on screenshot). Anyway, I understand myself ^^ Thx
  2. On the screenshot, I selected the mealwood, that's why you don't see it
  3. So, indeed, there was water in tiles even if it was written no liquit in it. I know it because when I deconstruct farm tiles, a bottle of water dropped. So I guess it's a little bug. Thx for the answers
  4. I actually don't really know how to do that...?
  5. Hi, If you look at the screenshot, you'll see that my mealwood is asking for polluted water. So I made a liquid pipe system with polluted water but the mealwoods are still unhappy, saying there is still a wrong irrigation. What's wrong ?
  6. I changed many times the 2 options, it never changed anything... I quote myself:
  7. Hi, One of my duplicant is now at 100% stress. So I made a massage table, but he doesn't want to go on it... I lowered the limit (50%) of the table I set the massage table to different priorities (→9) I removed all jobs for my duplicant so he literally do nothing So that's it...why doesn't he go on that massage table ? he's just hanging there, next to it, while other duplicants sometimes use it just in front of him. His stress is rising up...And I don't know what to do to lower his stress...I don't want him to die