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  1. Wow! I really wish that was on their list of things for what's changed in the update; "flipped around inputs/outputs". Thank you!!! To moderators, this topic can be closed.
  2. Please explain why my pipes are blocked in every new game since the Agricultural update, while paying attention to the same requirements for pipes to allow substances to flow through them like in the Thermal preview. I have tried new games, validating the installs, and completely uninstalling and reinstalling ONI. I have tried multiple different variations of piping systems, and tried with and without valves. Both gas and liquid pipes, even upon deconstruction/relocation/reconstruction are always blocked. Literally always. By nothing. Attached is the most-recent new-game file for review. Go ahead and play around with it and please let me know if you can, by some miracle, get pipes to be functional. TGT C94.sav