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  1. wash basin arrows incorrect?

    I have the same issue. I've tried all options trying to set directions for my dupes. I've watched them washing their hands for a while and I still can't tell if the basin is going by the words or arrow icons...
  2. I also have this issue. I've tried deleting the bridge with every available deconstruct option to no avail. It's so troublesome that I generally try to avoid the bridge if at all possible because I know it won't delete.
  3. crash since last update 219330

    It's working. Thanks!
  4. crash since last update 219330

    Ah, thank you. I thought it might update automatically but, I wasn't sure if that included the hotfix updates I have been reading about. Thanks for your help and your speed in looking into this issue.
  5. crash since last update 219330

    Yes, thank you. Is there a link to tell me how to use these hotfixes? I'm a complete newbie and I can't find any info on how to access the update. I'm running the game through Steam if that helps.
  6. crash since last update 219330

    Thank you. Clearly you saw that I don't yet know how to use the transformer correctly.
  7. Is this what you need? output_log.txt Spacerock Cycle 176.sav
  8. Well, I'm completely new to sending bug reports so, as soon as I figure out how to, I will... Thanks.
  9. crash since last update 219330

    Same here.
  10. Having the same issue. I've had the game crash before but, this same type of crash just began today for me. Can't play my current or previously saved files.