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  1. A strange strange world

    You have awoken on a strange island after being deceived by an unknown voice, surrounded by others just as confused as you. You have no idea where you are, no idea what you're doing here. But you see something, in the distant. A strange clockwork bird? What is it doing here? ---- CLOCKWORKATOO: "Hello hello! Glad to see such new faces pal!" It creaks out in a gravely rackety voice, as it lands in front of you, its metallic smile unfading CLOCKWORKATOO: "Let me be the first to welcome you all to this wonderful little island! It's name? I dunno! CLOCKWORKATOO: "Buuuut I can ensure this place will be a fun land to live in! After all you will be stuck here forever!" It lets out a croaky laugh, grinning in its strange joy, before despite its still sustaining it smile, it looks grim CLOCKWORKATOO: "Unfortunately though, there is a little catch. This island,,, isn't the safest. As you already tell by looking around all you have are a few items, such as sticks and a couple of your personal belongings to start you off. It motioned to some shoddily made backpacks. One has your name on it, inside is exactly what he mentioned. CLOCKWORKATOO: "Other than that you will have to gain things yourself. Such as shelter, warmth, food and weapons to defend yourself. CLOCKWORKATOO: "I will of course watch you all to help you for the start, don't want any of you lot dying in the first day." CLOCKWORKATOO: Now,, I feel I've blabbered on long enough! So with that I bid you farewell, don't stay in the dark too long now you hear?! ---- Hello folks! I thought I'd try one of these roleplay things, this roleplay will feature as little OP control as possible (unless of course characters do certain actions, talk to certain characters that are owned by moi etc.) This group simply follows the traditional Don't Starve plot. Survive and figure out why you're there,,, whilst an annoying metallic bird follows you of course. What happens depends on what the participants characters' do, any small thing could change a lot. I will be keeping track of certain actions, occasionally marking down in a reply saying what has happened in the current roleplay. It may be a rickety start but I hope to be able to make this whole thing work! In order to join all you have to do is fill out this little sheet below! ---- Name: Gender: Age: Personality: Appearance: Strengths: Weaknesses: Inventory: (all characters start with four, one inventory slot will always be taken up by sticks and must be discarded during the roleplay. The other three items are personal belongings of character) ---- QUICK RULES ABOUT CHARACTER CREATION! Whilst your character can be non-human, I would rather not have them have a ton of sorcery skills, a few are fine but nothing major. Do not make your character like, ridiculously flawless, if that happens i'll prolly ask you to uhh fix some things. Do not make your character stupidly old unless there is a clear reason for it thankies. Bad Ref Example Name: Jasper Vernillion Fantastica Maiden Jewel Gem the First!!!1!! Gender: Female1!!1 Age: 100000 Personality: Sweet and kind but will kill u if u support shrek >w< !!! Appearance: NEON PINK HAIR AND RAINBOW EYES!! LITHE BODY AND SUPER KAWAII Strengths: CAN FLY AND HAS AMAZING RAINBOW POWERS!!11 CAN ALSO TURN INTO A DEMON AND IS SUPER STRONG!1! Weaknesses: Jasper has no weaknesses she's too amazing!!11 Inventory: STAFF OF AMAZING POWERS!!1 CANDY x3333 THE POWER OF THE GODS!! NOT LAME-O STICKS XP ---- Other than that uhhh y eah,,, jeez that was a lotta writing,, ;;
  2. A strange strange world

    "Because he's a lil cowaaard~ Seriously he took one look at me and the skeletons and just ran off in a panic," "I said shut up!"
  3. The Game Lore

    Yea will was an old dupe who got taken out the game but was a lil reference to DS but a reference can be anything doesnt mean their in the same universe
  4. A strange strange world

    The bird gave a confused head tilt towards Ariel "I was talkin bout him, he showed up around the same time as you all but woke up first,, and proceeded to run away like a coward" "I said shut up," The man replied back looking at Dino with a hint of surprise, before shaking his hand vigorously "Nice to meet ya Dino,"
  5. A strange strange world

    (he's holding a torch I forgot to mention) "What? Mud?? No it's just a condition, nothin to get all curious about." he grinned, grabbing Xedlord's hand and shaking it wildly "Nice to meet ya Xedlord! I'm Schrodinger! ,,,Wait did I already say that?"
  6. A strange strange world

    "Hello! Hello! Name's Schrodinger, I'm one of the other folks who ended up here, nice to meet you all when you're not unconscious" An annoyed metallic squawk came from the winged metal thing as the Clockworkatiel flew next to him, perching on his shoulder "Oh wow, looks like someone decided to not run away at the mere sight of me for once" "Hey shut up you" "No you"
  7. A strange strange world

    As the light drew closer and closer to the camp bushes infront of them began to rustle until finally, whatever was making those sounds came into view. "Oh! Hello, sorry to scare ya folks"
  8. A strange strange world

    As everyone sat around the campfire in the dark night, through the shrubs and the trees one could almost see,,, light? How strange
  9. A strange strange world

    Yes it is night woa)
  10. A strange strange world

    Please do not break the fourth wall man I'd prefer if you didnt oof. You can make references but make sure that its not the exact name of it. I.E. Danganronpa/RonganDonpa. Anythin simple like that.) As the sun began to set the clockworkatoo flew back down getting comfy on the grass. As he began to shake his creaking wings. Making a horrid screech sound.
  11. A strange strange world

    what a pretty boio acceptablesidn
  12. Polluted

    Its fine m dude And ye im running one myself but with how its going with one of the roleplayers? It may not run on for long but ya can still join.
  13. A strange strange world

    Uhh dude?? You've never run by any of this with me you've added a rule to the universe I've never ever included, technically owning two characters etc. I've gotta give yall a warnin here but one more incident like this where I've not been told and have approved of certain things then I'll be closing the roleplay and being much more strict next time.
  14. Dupe-A-Day!

    the invasion begins
  15. Monoxide Memes

    instant noodle dupe yum
  16. Monoxide Memes

    im meant to be working on stuff but noooo
  17. Dupe-A-Day!

    wheeee animation practice
  18. A strange strange world

    The clockworkatoo just watches in silence for a bit, before flying off onto the highest branch of a nearby tree.
  19. A strange strange world

    The sun is beginning to set, nightfall will be soon it seems. (Agh im sorry ive been a lil busy and haven't been able to properly describe yet) (The land is super heckin foresty its hard to see much past the bark passing through that though is an open plain with bushes and birds galores)
  20. A strange strange world

    (Prolly bot much, you all started in a pretty peaceful spot. The only main things would be Gobblers and birbs)
  21. A strange strange world

    I dunno, we'll go back this time but if a similar thing happens i'll be shuttin down the rp
  22. A strange strange world

    its fine
  23. Dupe-A-Day!

    Mitchiri Neko Dupes woweeeee
  24. A strange strange world

    i didnt expect eldritch abominations