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  1. OMG this fixed my mod enable issue and the world issue. thank you so much
  2. i made a world with no mods and the world still looks a little weird. when my friend joined they spawned on water making them unable to move. i also opened the game with administrator rights. i am also still unable to save the worlds i make client_log.txt
  3. that was me trying to play with a friend. I can make my own game but the world would look weird and friends who try to join me would get the black background and they would get a crash message.
  4. hopefully this will fix the map problem and my enabling mods problem. client_log.txt
  5. I did that but it said "All files successfully validated"
  6. When i am about to make my server. The mod type i try to enable on is a character mod which is a server mod. When i click enable i go in game to find i can't choose the modded characters. I tried reinstalling the game and unsubscribing to the mods, that doesn't work ether. so i thought maybe one of you guys might know how to fix it. i am only enabling 2 mods and that is it. also i get this message with i try to join my friends and also some times the map looks black or the map is different then the hosts map and it glitches the server out. also i get maps that look like this when i join my friends