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  1. I'd like a fix for the interrupted sleep debuff effect that sticks with duplicants after one gets sick and gets healthy again. Three of my duplicants got sick in two different colonies that I played the past month, they usually got sick at the beginning of the game but the "drowsy" emoji sticks with them after +500 cycles, my colonies are all 650 - 700 cycles old and at this point I'm just really annoyed at them dropping objects five or six times a cycle just to do their little animation, it makes sweeping a much harder and time consuming task. From now on, I will try to choose duplicants with the Naturally Robust trait to counteract that bug until it's properly fixed. Your last update didn't really reduce the number of times they drop objects.
  2. I'm very happy about this fix and I'm glad the developers have finally corrected it, I use the Bio Distillery very often to get rid of slimes when my dupes venture into the Swamp Biome to minimize the production of polluted oxygen so it won't expand and reach in my colony where I keep the air clean. The only drawback of converting slimes into algae is that my duplicants have to run back and forth many times a cycle to do deliveries which take all of their time and they can't finish other tasks.