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  1. Platform: Steam (Windows) Mods?: no Version Number: 298833 Issue: I know this is an old bug that has probably been reported many times, but the fact that it still happens bothers me. Appeasing the volcano only affects the eruption timer while you are on the volcano itself, and often does not affect the timer in the main world. Furthermore, leaving and coming back to the volcano level completely resets the volcano level's eruption timer to what it was in the main world, even if the volcano had just been appeased before leaving and returning. The alter of snackrefice is useless unless one wants to live on the volcano.
  2. Platform: Steam (Windows) Mods?: no Version Number: 298833 Issue: I have observed that three effects on the player do not carry over between levels (surface <-> caves, caves<->ruins, ocean<->volcano ). They are WX-78's "System Overload", coffee speed boost, and rainbow jellyfish glow. Judging by the rainbow jellyfish, this may also apply to dragoon heart glow and glowberry glow. In the case of coffee and the rainbow jellyfish glow, both effects reapplied themselves on returning to the level they were consumed in. The coffee, in particular, became a permanent effects in that level, lasting long after it's duration should have ended.
  3. Unfortunately it is not possible to put dead wobsters in a crock pot. "The dead version can only be eaten raw or cooked, and cannot be used in Crock Pot recipes." - DS Wiki
  4. Platform: Steam (Windows) Mods?: no Version Number: 298833 Issue: Birds drop seeds during winter. I was unable to reproduce this bug in other SW compatible RoG worlds that I have made to test the bug. It may be worth noting that fire has a greatly reduced heat radius in this specific world as well, which I have also not been able to recreate in other SW compatible RoG worlds.
  5. It can also happen in the regular world. I had 2 doing this next to my base.
  6. In response to Panda You might want to make a bug report yourself. I don't think the devs will address bugs you place in the comments because it's easier for them to record and manage bugs if each person has an individual report. I've also provided some computer specs that most likely won't apply to your computer.
  7. Please note that I am continuing to add to this list as other bugs/issues/suggestions come up.
  8. So cooking tropical fish turns them into cooked fish morsels instead of cooked fish, with removes the meat value and halves the fish value. I feel like tropical fish should turn into cooked fish instead, just like regular fish, especially considering their stats are exactly the same. That way it would keep their 1.0 fish value and 0.5 meat value.
  9. Hello! I've been paying close attention to bugs I've encountered playing the beta version of the upcoming big shipwrecked update! I've made quite an extensive list of bugs I've encountered over on the steam forums, but I doubt that was the best place to put them. So I'm moving them here, in the hopes that they'll get seen. I'm also adding a few more that I've found since making the original list. Also, some of these may not be bugs, such as the row dropping behaviour of cormorants and the lack of shock damage from rainbow jellyfish. please let me know if this is the case that way I can sleep easy. Also, sorry if this being all one big list is a problem. I didn't want to create over 20 individual threads. The tar extractor continues to work after running out of fuel. I'm not sure if this only happens when off it runs out of fuel off screen. Character quotes act as if the extractor is off, and the fuel gauge looks empty. However, it's animation will still play and it will still spit out tar. the extractor can not be turned on or off. if the extractor is refueled, it can be turned on again, but it's animation will continue to play and it will continue to work in its off state. If turned off, it may still not stop producing tar. Watterbeefalo/ox may end up with have the ripples around their feet when moving onto land. (old bug, presumably similar or the same as instances of jellyfish/dogfish/ect being found swimming on land, as well as the next issue) Terrorbeaks (and possibly crawling horrors, yet untested) can teleport into the water when hit and walk around on the sea. They can't walk back onto land. They also appear to have difficulty teleporting back onto land when hit. Jumping in and out of boats near shore can cause momentary wetness at night and the first few segments of morning. Possibly linked to tides? (old bug) Friendly prime apes will still try and avoid the player even when agroed on other mobs. ie. the player commands an ape to attack a spider and stand between the two. The ape will attempt to run at the spider, but will flee when it draws too close to the player, causing it to run back and forth without accomplishing anything. (old bug/oversight in behavior programming) Woodlegs says "I must be goin' banana's down here." when examining bananas. The quote only makes sense in the context of cave bananas. Not a bug, but some people (myself included) feel that crocodogs need a louder warning noise. The fist few time crocodog waves approach, the character will have time to say a warning twice before the sound even becomes audible. Manure still makes the noise of buzzing flies when placed in a chest. Standing on the chest makes it go away, the same way to standing on manure makes the flies go away. Walking away from the chest will cause the noise to resume. Walking until the chest is off-screen and then walking back will cause the fly noises to stop. However, standing on the chest and then moving off of it results in the noises coming back. Throwing manure at jellyfish will cause them to shock Wilbur. The player may begin to overheat at an incredible rate when entering the volcano. Very high tier heat resistance cloths (ie dumbrella) will lengthen the time between overheating stages very slightly, but the volcano is still untraversable without a endothermic fire or great loss of health. Temperature returns to normal in the shift from day to evening or evening to night (and possibly night to day, but that is untested). Possible conditions: Dry season. Possibly a bug or oversight. Cormorants drop row a different way then birds drop seeds. Cormorants drop row when they land, eat it, and fly away. Other birds drop seeds only when they fly away. Also, seagulls drop seeds on land and water. This is this intentional? Appeasing the volcano may prevent the volcano from making tremors and rumbling noises until it's next eruption. Unsure if the volcano will simply stop giving warnings, or if it will not repeat warnings that occurred before it was appeased. Entering and leaving volcano resets hound/crocodog wave size for the next 1 or 2 waves, and may reset frequency. Krissures constantly play the burning animation and produce light during dry season, but don't generate heat, deal fire damage, or allow for cooking. Icefling-o-matic will target farms only after the plant has died, and won't target some withered plants (ie. vines) for unknown reasons. This also applies to RoG, and is an old bug. Homeless bees (bees with their original hive destroyed) will try to fly across the ocean to other islands after visiting a flower, if there are no flowers for them to visit, or when it becomes dusk. they will continue flying against the edge of the islands forever, only stopping to sleep or fight. Possibly trying to enter other hives? Attempting to use manure as fuel as Wilbur will uneqip his current tool and equip the manure. He will then place one manure in the structure. The manure must then be picked out of his equip slot and dragged back to the structure to add another single piece of manure. This process must be repeated for every piece of manure to be burnt, as opposed to simply holding the manure with the mouse. This does not happen for "fertilize" prompts, only "add fuel" prompts. Projectiles with an arcing path [ie Wilbur's manure, cannonballs] may get stuck in the air on top of ponds/tide pools when it tries to land near/on top of them. The gull on top of the shipyard squawks constantly if you stand next to it. NOTE: I mean stand on land, not float on your boat. The shipyard must be close enough to shore for this to work. Palm trees may continue creaking after a storm has passed The new tropical fish variants do not have a dead, x-for-eyes sprite when placed on the ground, unlike regular fish and tropical fish. They also can not be placed on a drying rack. Projectiles with an arcing path [ie Wilbur's manure, cannonballs] may get stuck in the air on top of ponds. Boats and rafts can not be hammered whilst standing on shore. One must enter another boat to hammer down the first. Hail may land on the ocean without sinking. May be caused by low frame rates. Rainbow jellyfish migrate towards volcano at half speed. Rainbow jellyfish don't deal damage when attacked (intentional? It feels like an exploit, getting free food and light.) Fatal crash when ballphin follower attacks another ballphin. Unfortunately, I failed to get the crash info. Will try to reproduce crash. Hallucinations can be hit by Wilbur's manure and made to fight, regardless of sanity. Hallucinations can be hit by floaty boaty knights and will attack them. The knights will not fight back. A single mussel stick will disappear upon saving and reopening my game. The stick in question was close to 5 other full grown sticks, all placed on player created muscle beds. They are relatively near the shore (as close as one can get them, which it pretty far). Only the one bed loses its stick, and has lost it multiple times. Sometimes, however, the stick only loses it's mussels, and the growing mussel sprite can be seen momentarily upon opening the save. Further testing may be needed. plants that move in the wind (saplings, trees, grass) may freeze in their swaying animation if they are picked/last chop preformed the moment that winds start up. The plants will still provide resources, but the picked plant/chopped tree will look to be unpicked/chopped, though they may be tilted from the wind. Examining frozen trees will reveal them to be stumps, and they can be dug up. Frozen plants give the picked examine quote, can be dugg up, and will regrow like normal. This is purely a visual bug. Raw fish (the item that looks like a fish tail, not the fish found in ponds) dries into jerky in a single day. Large meat takes 2 days to dry. Dogfish and swordfish also dry into large jerky in 1 day. Is this intentional? Friendly ballphins will try to swim onto land when the player goes ashore Tropical fish and it's variants provide 1.0 fish value and 0.5 meat value in the crockpot. However, cooking them produces a cooked fish morsel, as opposed to cooked fish the same way fish in the base game do. Cooking the tropical fish results in a 50% reduction of fish value and a 100% reduction to meat value. Tropical and regular fish share exactly the same stats. I strongly feel that cooking tropical fish should produce cooked fish, and not cooked fish morsels. Krissure may continue to play sounds while inactive. Upon activating, the sound will play twice. Closing the save does not fix this bug. but leaving and coming back does. Cause unknown. So there you have it! I hope some of the info I have reported is useful, and I'm excited for the final version of this update. Keep up the good work Klei! Link to the list on steam (It just contains all of the same stuff): DxDiag.txt log.txt
  10. Crocodog waves are really quiet for me, which is terrifying as my current game is as Wilbur.