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  1. well considering nobody visits the actual "Suggestion" forum, I'd say it's fair.
  2. I feel his overconfidence is evidence he's likely some sort of clone or hologram himself, and the real him is somewhere much safer. Further proven by the outerworld degradation.
  3. does any character but wilson and maxwell have any influence on the "story" though? As far as I know the DST lore doesn't go beyond "charlie does exactly the same evil stuff as waxwell, enjoy"
  4. i guess because leonardo coxington is a genius i don't think klei is the sort of developer that "goes after" its users.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The icon/portrait/vignette drop name broadcasts can lead to such weird messages. Like "Player has found : Willow". err okay
  6. Spider Monkey

    ah well that settles it. Thanks!
  7. err, I don't think this is how it works. Videogames are limited by their engine, even ten times as much when there's online play involved. You can't just be like "do this thing" and have it be done magically with no repercussion. Forge or Gorge require an entire server backend for each of their world alone. I believe they call it a "shard" for DS. I'm sure Klei has a good reason for keeping forgegorge away out of hosting.
  8. why are spider monkeys so bad? It's really cool to see something else use Boarilla's base model. obviously they have awful stats because Hamlet is not Forge, and you're alone and not 6. But still. 20 dmg punch? Move speed lower than 6? 500 hp? At least why can't webber befriend them? That'd be the minimum. If they're still WIP then my bad. If they are to be left as is then I would suggest for their punch to cause a player knockdown like forge, at least.
  9. Could care less about the game itself, though I do want to know more about these 4 elite pigs. They each got their own unique skill sets and names. They're a big deal.
  10. the "media artwork" as you call it appears to be old/beta wilson and isn't relevant anymore if you ask me.
  11. How webber could be more fun (especially in no-cave worlds) - Crafting cave spider dens - Different unarmed attack mechanic (bite animation? far more damage but slower attacks?) - Can use spider nests like a tent with -75% effectiveness at lvl1, -50% at lvl2 and -25% at lvl3. -50% for spider dens. - Feeding Monster Lasagna to a regular black spider has a 33% chance to permanently buff them into a cave dweller. - A "bodyguard" mode that works like pets. 1 spider of the player's choosing will always follow them forever no matter if fed or not until death. This ability will work with even a queen (more late-game power). Perhaps tie this ability to a new item like an eyebone or leash or something.
  12. Wagstaff Lore

    surely a man this smart is aware birds sleep ... "standing up". Even toddlers know this. Especially when birds do the same in the "real world" (presumably his)
  13. you got to understand DS was not architected for multiplayer, and the fact that DST was even brought to existence is just a neat extra. as for the host perf, perhaps it is your rig?
  14. King Guards

    err am i meant to post this in the General Discussion to get even the tiniest feedback or something?
  15. solution: don't miss the events