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  1. Hamlet Aporkalypse

    Please choose a category *Pick the option that fits the issue the most. Ideally use this in your thread title aswell* [Exploit] Platform * Pick your platform. For instance, standalone on Mac is also possible.* Steam Do you use mods? No Version Number Rev. 298833 573 Issue title The Aporkalypse calendar is stuck and can not be moved with the two buttons. Steps to reproduce None that I can find. Describe your issue So the event started a few days ago on my world, and I wanted to end it. So I went to the calendar to turn it off but neither of the buttons are working. As a side note, on the wiki is says that there's suppose to be permanent light and the street lamps in the pig villages are suppose to be permanently on? Neither of those are the case for me. It's always dark and requires me to have some sort of light source at all times.