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  1. If player teleport out of world - all textures start glitch... It's a big problem for mod creator's. Klei please fix AnimState.
  2. Game bad render void

    New bug
  3. Game bad render void

    If player go so deep in void - player start glitch... Game tiles so weird now...
  4. Ksivoha's art

    Yup! I know him, he is my best(?) friend... I think...
  5. Ksivoha's art

    Nice art's <: I love sea of blood
  6. Winona[RoG|SW]

    Version SW-7


    Most recent update [SW-7]: Made tape show "Patch" when being used to repair an item (thanks w00tydude, now she's perfect functionally, onto aesthetics & strings!) Known bugs: Her select-screen portrait is very slightly off-centered. [SW-7-FIX, I hope] IIRC, one of her hand symbols is wrong & her face is dumb when using a sail. [SW-8 - The final update, likely.] Planned features: SW quotes - Should be in SW-8 New Don't Starve-style Bigportrait (halfway there - no redrawing) - In theory, should be finished for SW-8 Armed with her indomitable spirit and trusty mending tape, Winona appears to have been plucked straight from the factory line. There may be more to her arrival than it appears, however, as more than a few eyes will be watching the next move of the newest survivor ... Winona is originally exclusive to Do not Starve Together, however I decided to port her after the members of a Discord I am in expressed interest in her. Credits: w00tydude - Helped immensely with the "Patch" action & fast-building. Wouldn't be the same without em! Chris1448 - Quotes for Wolly-related items, and possibly SW quotes in future. Webber [Discord] - Edited Winona's bigportrait from DST into the current one (cut away the DST border & whatnot) & made the name banner. Klei Entertainment - Made Winona in DST, made every asset (with bigportrait/selectscreen portrait/SW faces & hands being edits, especially minor in the case of selectscreen) Sudura other mods: From the Ground Up - SW / Release - Winona in Steam - RoG / SW - Link, the Hero - DST / Alpha - By Sudura
  7. After Saving Game crashedlog.txt
  8. The Forge Creatures

    Спасибо! Программер)

    Version 0.8


    RUS Это мой первый мод я старался потел! И в итоге вышло !!!!!! Даный мод переносит некотырые вещи из DST! Такие как Стол с розой, Святилеще индюка, Лунный камень с выемкой и много другое !! Для работы данного мода нужны следущие моды: Meteors! PS Данные вещи в основном имеют смысл только в декоре или под поднять рассудок! Мой Discord - ENG This is my first mod I was trying to sweat! And in the end it turned out !!!!!! The given mode transfers non-stick things from DST! Such as the Table with a rose, the Sacred turkey, the Moon stone with a notch and much more !! To work this mod need the following modes: Meteors! PS These things basically make sense only in the décor or under raise your sanity! My Discord -
  11. @V2C Wow! I did not even expect to add skins Rose. But I beg your pardon for arrogance and how to get the Torch and bonfire from the Chinese version of DST фв фыфв

    hmmm Please tell me in more detail
  13. @Desblat Please add the opportunity to take a backpack for the second player

    If you find any errors please let me know
  15. I'm posting new mod in  14:00

  16. Mobbstar please Ask @Dudedude what he would add you need to "resurrect" your mod! needs add New skins Triumphat The survival rose colection and halloween
  17. Please @Dudedude and @Fidooop and @ImDaMisterL and @Mobbstar
  18. Hey Please add Skins The survival, Spooky Movie, The triumphat, Banny Man and Rose colection
  19. Hello Developers, I wanted to ask to add a thing to the ordinary Do not starve.