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  1. Duplicants running Back and forth

    No, infact it was a regular Manual airlock. and that storage locker in the enclosed room was not set to put in any clay.
  2. Duplicants running Back and forth

    An Air deoderizer was set to clean the room i had a Composter in, to lower, or remove the polluted Oxygen, It was set to a priority of 5. It was emitting 40g's of clay constantly, apparently faster than the duplicants could pick it up and store it in a container. When making planters i usually just use dirt, since that seems to be one of the most abundant resources in the entire game. Besides that i don't really know what caused it and how to re-create it. but it was enclosed in a tiny room, with a composter, air deoderizer, and a Storage unit, set to hold things that come out of the composter. that being fertilizer.
  3. Duplicants running Back and forth

    So if i get this correctly, Sweep only = Needing the sweeping order to do any sweeping, Eventhen i shouldn't have to have that on at all, given my priority of the containers were on 5. and i wasn't ordering them to sweep, and i had several other jobs on a much much higher priority, Explain to me then why they were still prioritizing a MUCH less prioritized job. To me that doesn't make any sense.
  4. Duplicants running Back and forth

    I do not set my containers to Priority 9. I let them remain at priority 5.And alot of other things i set priority 7-9 on. So they shouldn't be going for a sweep without me setting a sweep order on high priority.
  5. Duplicants running Back and forth

    I'm sure you misunderstood, From my understanding, In order for duplicants to Sweep anything, they need to be ordered to. A.k.a using the Sweep order, and select an area you want them to sweep in, i had never done that, and setting a container to sweep only meaning they will focus on sweeping items and putting them in that container which is set to sweep only.
  6. Duplicants running Back and forth

    No. i check everything in the storage containers, and i never set them to sweep only.
  7. Duplicants running Back and forth

    Not all of them. Specified exactly what i did. since sweeping is "collecting" items. None of the other jobs should affect that scenario.
  8. So i was entering a state ingame where my duplicants started to have a bit of a food issue, some were getting starvation, others just asking for food, and i was thinking, why is nobody making food when 3 microbe mushers were on priority 9. It so happens that ALL of my duplicants started running back and forth collecting Tiny bits of Clay, (40g's) over and over. non-stop, and what it seems like, that little clay pocket for one, was not set to "sweep", and 2, it never ran out. Disabling the "Sweep" job, did not help. So my duplicants are now dying, with nothing i can really do. By locking a door i seemed to have saved the colony from all dying due to stavation, one sadly didn't make it, i am at cycle 56 And i hopefully have now stabilized this crisis. I highly doubt this is intended, and that they aren't meant to sweep things that aren't set to sweep. An Air deoderizer was constantly making 40g's of Clay, causing the duplicants to want to pick that up, i don't understand why.