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  1. It’s not only for vaccum transfert, it would make a lot of design more intuitive. if you don’t want to check on internet and « invente » it all by yourself it would be a lot more intuitive. For the space matérials there are pretty useless anyway. (If you don’t mine the core or use really cool/high température) it’s easy to make a regolite power farm without them it is just sooooo counter intuitive. it would be usefull to transfert heat between two pipes (for exemple). ATM diamond shiftemplate are useless for that, water do better.... But making it that way it less intuitive, and again a lot of players want to find out there own solutions... witch finaly don’t work only because this building work in a pretty illogical way. Making the game less enjoyable.
  2. Hi, it would be great if you could make it append. Or if it is performance concern maybe a new background « radiator » allowing heat transfert between buildings only
  3. Hi, In my game i try an exploit i hear of. Stream turbine give the same power but use 5x time less heated stream in that configuration. It don't feel right PS: This have already been reported but conductive wire still overload at 2000w instead of at 2001w. Thanks for the game.
  4. HI, I found what I think is a bug. I can't cool down solar panel from under it. It seem that the floor tile is considered as fill of vacuum if the tile above it is vacuum. Other thing: That system is in use for about 200 cycle and the solar don't heat them-self in vacuum. It seem that the heat generate by a building is transfert directly to the gaz around it not to the building itself. I gonna try to exploit it to see if it is generalized. I think the issue cound be fix be give the floor tile of the solar panel a "normal" tile property. Not allowing gaz presence through it. Thanks for the game. It's great ! NB: there is an global issue when talking about heat transfert in vacuum. I can't put enormous quantity of mined material in contact of a building there won't be any transfert. (there is transfert with tiles / metal tiles etc.. But not with what build on them) NB2: Hope my English not to bad for you to understand the issue.