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  1. Map Bug

    the bug i got is a porblem on the map...it only shows all of the map icons and it doesnt show the place ive been...i can see all icons on the map even tho i didnt even get there...i dont have any mods enabled but i was trying to clear my mods and sometimes the bug get fixed but sometimes it just...not
  2. Whimsy the Cheerful Sunflower

    is it compatible to DSAlone?
  3. Beatrice

    im kinda scared when the desc said the caves go to her....reminds me of stagehand the thing that im really scared (jumpscares me sometimes)
  4. Whimsy the Cheerful Sunflower

    its really...underpowered...i mean she cant even hold a thing. but can you like make her have a secret power? like beaver and get her spit flowers and such. i really like the art tho.
  5. Throwable Rocks

    u could say LETS ROCK!