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  1. After this analysis the Fuelweaver's dialogue and pleading makes a ton more sense. The portal and the shadows destroyed what was once a great civilization. Activating it will only cause it to destroy everything again. But the game doesn't really give us any paths to anything else, so ultimately we're just dooming ourselves in our attempts to escape.
  2. I apologize if I'm starting a new topic for something that already exists, but I can't seem to find it if it does. (Before this gets lost in the post below, has anyone deciphered the ancient alphabet?? I can't find anything aside from the characters from the puzzle. But there is WAY more diverse writing on these images I want to know what they say) I was recently looking over the obelisk images and the cave wall from the Metheus puzzles, and noticed somethings I hadn't before. I started looking at the clues closer and found a kind of hidden story. I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this, and/or has any further insights: So this is the first image in order on the obelisk The first thing I want to draw attention to is towards the bottom, we see two ruling figures. One of them holds a torch, the other the shadow staff. The one holding the staff I believe is Metheus herself, as the staff is the skin you unlock with the Metheus puzzles. We also see the portal behind them, intact, and patterned with white and black, which seems to be thematic with shadow and light magic. Metheus is weilding the staff of shadows, and the second figure, either a sibling or perhaps her ruling companion, using a torch of light. Right now the portal is dividing the light and dark energies equally, and up top we can see the race of bug people harvesting the land and bringing food, gems, and other supplies down as they mine into the the ground below. Right now everything seems balanced and prosperous. Then we go on to the second image: Now Metheus is seen holding up the staff of shadows above her sibling/ruling other, the portal no longer balanced evenly between light and shadow. The light holder sinks below Metheus, the torch light dying out, but still with some power and having some minor effect on the portal. At the top we can see Metheus using the shadow magic to enhance the world, from food, gems, technology, and what appears to be the creation of the Ancient Fuelweaver on the mid top right. (but what's that 3 eyed bone creature below the fuelweaver?) But down below we see a shadow breaking from the rocks that is not directly connected to Metheus or the portal. Then all heck breaks loose in 3: Starts to get really interesting here. Top left, the bug people resemble the design we've seen in the first two images, but are sporting skulls on their shells, indicating they're dying. But all elsewhere their designs have changed. The Portal at this point has gone completely corrupt with dark shadow magic, and we see the secondary ruling figure standing in the middle, combating it with the light of the torch (Note the torch now resembles the skin of the Tragic Torch, as if it were also touched by the shadow magic). There are runes on the portal where the shadows are spilling out, which looks like this secondary figure is using the light torch magic to block the shadow magic from the portal. We see Metheus now off to the side, looking defeated on the ground, her shadow staff emitting magic on it's own. (EDIT: I just noticed Metheus's eye is black, where previous it was white. It seems Metheus has been taken over by the shadows at this time) Then the final image: Metheus now sits on what appears to be a throne and is weeping. Both the shadow staff and the corrupted torch lie at the feet of Metheus. The portal is broken, but still emitting shadow magic, which has consumed everything. Previous images the shadows surrounded various objects and scenes, but now majority of the upper half is just shadows, with very little substance left behind. Interestingly, this time the shadows are spikey, as if they are corrupt and wild. Previous images of the shadow magic had some spikes on them, but not to the extent seen here (perhaps the spikes are an indication of how much will the shadow has over itself?). At the bottom we see all the bug people are dead, and to the right an odd cracked head that resembles the secondary figure. It appears they gave themselves up in an attempts to stop the shadows, but only half succeeded in destroying the portal. It seems to me Metheus was corrupted from the shadows and sought more power, which ultimately destroyed the bug race. Even more interesting is how the nightmare monsters resemble these ancient bug people, as if that is what they became in the aftermath. But seriously if anyone has a translation of all the written characters on these obelisks I really want to know what they say!
  3. Still waiting for my Webber refresh, but in the mean time I've been delving into some of his character quotes and trying to piece together just who this mysterious boy was before the constant, and why he's here. I've compiled some of my own theories pre-refresh and wanted to see what you all thought, if you had any additional ideas/theories and just general discussion: From what I've gathered on Webber so far, he grew up on a farm that raised goats and grains, and even had a mill. He always refers to his dad as "Father", and his mom as "Mum", the latter of which I've really only heard used in GB, so I speculate Webber could have been living in the UK (though any references otherwise I've not seen). His father wears a top hat, has a beard yet also shaves. I would think given the farm life and top hat he grew up Amish, but there is no reference against science-y objects in the world. In fact, when observing the science machine he mentions "Father used to work on something like that", so that throws that idea out the window, but leads me to the second point: I believe Webber's coming to the constant was accidental. When examining a Cartographer's desk, Webber says "Heh heh. I was never allowed in father's study.". My own dad grew up on a farm raising cows, but I've never known my grandparents to have a study, nor any use for one. And any "science" related machines were farm equipment like plows, trucks, etc. So what use would Webber's father have of a private study and science-like machine, unless he was the one who was looking into the shadow magic initially? Also, the "Heh heh" at the beginning of Webber's quote for the cartographer's desk indicates a mischeviousness, as if he still snuck into the study from time to time, despite not being allowed in. I like to think Webber accidentally set off the machine his father was using and was sucked into the portal to the constant. But when examining Maxwell's statue, he says "That's the guy who said he could help us". So, even if Webber snuck into his father's study, he knew Maxwell to some degree. Perhaps his coming to the constant was not as accidental, but still certainly he was not the initial intended target. Thoughts?
  4. Sorry, I've been caught up with a project all week. Finally remembered to get back to this. It found 16 files and corrected them, everything that was missing or weird has been corrected, thanks!
  5. I'm not sure how to do this, I've never heard of it before. Would you please explain the process?
  6. Is this being looked into at all? My server still hasn't corrected itself.
  7. client_log.txt I believe that is it. I've noticed since this post that it's not just the potter's wheel that is invisible: ALL the White Pawn pieces did this, and one of the Lunar Island mineable crafting structures did this too. Apparently I'm the only one this is happening to, as anyone else who joins the server can see and interact with them just fine.
  8. I noticed this happened during Beta, but now that the game is launched it's happened to my main server too. My potter's wheel is absent from my server, yet it is still present on the map. Also as I was writing this the hounds came, and I found the tooth traps are still messed up with their image....
  9. Not sure if this due to retrofitting, or because I retrofitted the New Reign Beta worlds, but I noticed the hounds don't sound off before they attack. On occasion I'll know they're coming because my character comments on it, but not all the time do they, or do I see it, and the next thing I know I'm surrounded by hounds in a not-so-ideal place.
  10. I noticed the same thing. Here we are scrambling to try and get dishes in, but the meter is constantly going down, despite it being correct or not. got a last minute "Snack" item in, and just as soon as it ate it it pulled the meter down to 0 and we died.