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  1. Anyone need images for 3440x1440 for the auto hot key thing?
  2. Multiple duplicants on one manual generator

    It can be reproduced by creating a manual generator that isn't connected to any batteries. Since 0% charge < 50% the dupes operate it forever. I don't consider it a bug.
  3. Now we need more than 1 pincha pepper plant! When a Drekko munches a pepper plant does it reduce it's growing %?
  4. Played a bunch this weekend. This version is pretty good.
  5. $.02. Remove radiant pipes, revert temperature stuff, focus on critters and invisibility bug.
  6. If they are insulated they act like pre mk2.
  7. I hope we can try geometric mean.
  8. How does that formula compare to the old pipes formula, e.g. granite pipe with oil inside in oxygen atmosphere.
  9. My vote is also for rollback and to change radiant pipes specifically. edit: actually would like to try geometric mean
  10. Geometric always seems lower. Could also weight the lower term double for a similar result.
  11. Average of 0 and 1. Arithmetic: (0 + 1) / 2 = .5 Geometric: [(0+1) x (1 + 1)]^(1/2) - 1 = .41 Not much difference and higher computational cost. @Nemez Double every wall.
  12. Do 2 layers of abys average to abys? I think this change was too much to fix radiant pipes.
  13. Save File Editor

    Nice! I just wanted to see what is on the map, but I think some people will like editing. Would be cool if it exported a forum string with the seed and geysers.
  14. Save File Editor

    Would be cool if it listed geysers.