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  1. This game is nor rating the Decor, so decor has low effect to the Dup, just can't do green in the working area. I said "replace" meaning build heavy wire on the regular one, but sometimes I CAN'T, it should be the same as the tire replacement.
  2. 1. Open a new game sometimes just do the "continue' work 2. Cancel always bugged out, sometimes back to main menu and continue could fix that, but minor chance fail 3. Air filter never work( or does it?) 4. Thermo Regulator does nothing too. ( For now, the toxic and weather air is never under controlled) 5.All gas/water relate machine has in/out number issue(ex: gas pump says 500g/s, and gas generator only -60g/s, and I can't do 2 generator by one lane) 6. 2nd Gas generator can't do work 7. Bio distiller has pop out the same **** it ates( produce slime all the time) 8.Water purifier is not produce same amount the water it filters 9. Can't replace wire to heavy-watt wire, so often as cancel bug. 10. Decor has less expectation then it should be, and still be red when I put them everywhere. 11. Storage probably is most useless thing in the game. 12. Dup takes outhouse more often then Lavatory&Shower even both of those are empty. 13. Dup carrys debuff all the time, will you do the buff timer for the shower/hand sanitizer? 14. Mechanized Airlock is always "auto" even I didn't connect the wire to it 15. Air scrubber not working 16. Electrolyzer is not working as well as algae Terrarium, specially it requires more mats 17 Power Transformer can't stop overload. 18. Have 4 chef in the late game, and still can't feed other 11men (total 15) 19.What can we do to Hydrogen&Chlorine? Haven't seen a Hydrogen geyser to pollute enough gas worth to build a generator 20. Dup Ai needs improve, they walk miles to take the same mats which under they feet, plz make closest Dup to do the order PS: A elevator is a fine advice?