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  1. I've uploaded some crash logs using the client when it crashes, but my guess is that my client isn't telling you that it's not crashing anymore. This is one of the rare cases where telling my laptop to use the Nvidia card instead of the integrated Intel card causes the game to crash (Epic Store also has this issue). Weird and annoying, but at least it's easy to resolve.
  2. Did not. It was 10am on the 30th. Is now 9:15pm on the 30th. I won't get the full version until the 31st, even though America will get it on the 30th. It's like how our simultaneous broadcast of Game of Thrones episodes happened on Monday afternoon.
  3. True. But that's not an incentive to play the card for the card's actual ability, either!
  4. A quick note regarding Replenish cards: they are very nice if you're running a discard deck. Especially also with that attack that gets bonus damage for every card you've drawn.I very rarely use them for anything other than "I need to discard something, and I don't have a card that gets a bonus on discard right now." A lot of them should probably be action cost zero, if devs want us to actually use them.
  5. Fatigue triggers way too early

    I think the tooltip might be confusing people. Consider: "Cards will not gain more XP for the remainder of this battle"
  6. Winning Deck Archetypes

    Negotiation wise, I started out Diplomatic, then went Hostile, and then Mixed. There's an early opponent who brought out Escalation and that spooked me into avoiding Hostile cards for a while. There's a very nice Admiralty card that gives you 'deal 1 damage to a random target per influence'. Clone that card, build influence, and you get some very nice damage output. The problem is that Fast Talk isn't great for damage if you compare it with Dominance. Once you understand how to Dominance, you can do a viable hostile deck. Even then, I always run Diplomatic Ideas: I really don't see the point of taking 4 damage instead of 2 Dominance, and you get a '2 dominance plus nothing' in Diplomatic Ideas. I also run Solid Point in a hostile deck - having an Influence argument helps with tanking, and a point of damage without spending an action never hurt anyone. Overbear (in the current main branch) is awesome, and I'm not surprised to hear that there's a nerf coming.Tall Overbear when your opponent has some weak arguments out can do 15 damage to the core argument. Combat wise, I've given up on Combo (too many things have to go right to get a payoff, and the payoffs seem weak): I run Discard and Bleed. Hemophile means bleed is a nice no-fuss self-heal. Gain a defense whenever you play a card combines with spines really nastily: I killed way more people with that setup than I ever wanted to, because my counterattacks were more lethal than intended.
  7. I knew that realistically, it would be the 31st by the time it reached the land of the future. But dammit, everyone else is whining, I figured I'd have a turn
  8. But what time on the 30th of July? It's been the 30th for HOURS here in Australia. And OK, Griftlands is awesome, but dammit... Are we there yet?
  9. So much awesome. The QoL stuff in particular is really nice. My favorite bit is the ability to hover over a damage number.