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  1. The issue im seeing with this is its introducing more time management and priorities etc like Rimworld, but Rimworld is colony management on a different level. I personally don't see the need for leisure time and break schedules, the only real problem with bathroom time and eating in ONI is that the dupes will interupt anything they are doing and lead to them running across the map repeatedly in the middle of jobs. All you would really need to do is change the thresholds for when a dupe does these activities, let them finish whatever job they are in the middle of first, and dont have them wait until they are almost critical to relieve themselves or eat. Have them eat when they are close to food instead of waiting till they are across the map and starving, have them use bathrooms when they are close to them before they are about to wet themselves and nowhere nearby.
  2. This is a godsend for someone like me who loves to reroll dupes endlessly until im happy with them. Same effect but saves me so much time.
  3. Don't know if you can check, but something similar to this happened to me because my colonists were cut off from getting to where my food was stored because of a cave in, so the kcal counter only showed the food that was available to them in the area they were in.
  4. I've noticed that the decor bonus from the printing pod is not consistent with the description of a 6 tile radius. I assume that the radius should start from the edge of the object on each side but the +30 bonus only applies to 5 tiles when you go to the left and applies to 7 tiles when going to the right.