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  1. how have you got your priorities set?  9 is soon as possible, so if you've got everything set to 9 then they'll just do the closest task to them. You have to prioritize what you want done in what order. if you set most of the tasks to the default 5 and have a few 9s and 8s then they will do those tasks first.

    you can accidentally change the priorities by using the priority tool and selecting everything, the best way to do it is to use the radio buttons on the priorities tool (you can select dig, automation, building etc. instead of all of them)

    Also are you sure its not a two tile space somewhere that is stopping them from getting to the yellow priority tasks ? The duplicants can only move or jump across 1 tile wide gaps.

  2. I'll add to this, i was experiencing this yesterday; with a coal generator. If the building is too far and you get "long commutes" then it will stop servicing buildings outside of that area altogether. You need to add the conveyor belts, or tubes before the duplicants will service that area again. Got this problem yesterday, managed to figure it out just in time to end up with no oxygen. GG little guys.   =(

  3. yeah, i dunno if they added some other mechanic we haven't experienced yet (maybe new space elements at launch) but i can no longer run a video while playing ONI, maybe its a thing, i'll need to do more testing.

    • did you try click the brush and remove the mods that way ?
    • did your internet / wifi get disconnected while you were updating mods or reloading your subscribed mods ?  (this happens to me from time to time

    Realising that I already logged an issue for this, there is also the possibility that these are mods you have 'removed' and they are just still stuck in your client cache. Are you running the DRM free version or the Steam Workshop version (i'd say workshop from the names)