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  1. I've also been noticing dupes getting stuck using medical tables infinitely.
  2. Since Destructive and Binge Eater are both really broken right now, I only use Ugly Crier and Vomit. I have 16 dupes and each time I go to get a new dupe, I reload the save file to re-roll the duplicant selection choices. I've now reloaded the save over 30 times, including re-opening the game and unpausing and re-saving and re-loading the game, and every single time the only options available are among 'Binge Eater' or 'Destructive'. Something seems broken in the RNG, I don't believe if it's actually random I should be seeing that many rolls without a single Ugly Crier \ Vomit option. Attached save. Dat Sass.sav
  3. Just had an issue where a duplicant was teleported inside a bunch of blocks. I had issued a dig command for some blocks about 10 blocks away, best I can guess is that the duplicant was standing atop a block that got dug out from under them, and when the pathfinding caused them to move or teleport, it somehow teleported them up instead of down? Either way, the game basically teleported a duplicant into terrain and I had to dig 7 tiles to get them out before suffocating.
  4. Sounds like the oscillating pathfinding bug from I see it when dupes are 'jumping' more often than not.
  5. I'm having the same issue. Repeatedly have to load saves because dupes are killing themselves by oscillating between paths. They do not respond to calls to move at all, they just simply oscillate until they die of suffocation.
  6. From a friend who was unable to post on the boards for some reason. He found an exploit that lets you force hatches to burrow into tiles: "if you build a tile over the tile they are standing on while eating, unpause, and repause, then remove the construction order, they will burrow into the tile (not sure if it's just standard tiles or what) but they will continue burrowing into manmade tiles after until they are removed from their tile by force again"
  7. Even disabling the tiles and disconnecting the pipes and setting the priority to 9 still does not result in dupes emptying storage. BUG!
  8. Dupes will not empty storage for the Hydroponic Farm tile. Trying to switch from Water to Polluted Water and the irrigation won't work because there is water inside the tile, and the dupes will not empty it. Tried toggling the setting numerous times and they are ignoring it regardless of priority, causing me to run out of food.