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  1. I have an older CPU and am looking to upgrade. ONI seems to run on 2 of 8 virtual cores only for me. Please note your performance experience with your chip especially if its good performance. Thanks.
  2. I agree that late game lag is the biggest drawback of the game. For me it is worse than any lack of features. Input lag is by far the worst aspect. I love the critter farm mechanics but every time I build a big one I soon abandon the playthrough due to lag. Still love the game.
  3. Crash to desktop Player-prev.log The Starving Utopia21 Cycle 139.sav SimDLL_CRASH_release_466411_20210605-00.56.10.dmp
  4. That you klei for giving us a new challenge. We needed it.
  5. Is or can there be a graphic showing the intended pickup and build behavior?
  6. I also experienced this. Blocking the rocket did not release the dupe. Reloading did not fix (unlike the co2 engine not loading also shown)
  7. I actually like this "feature". My current seed's oil biome (the only source) was exposed to magma. It was a disaster that provided a nice challenge. I only managed to save half the oil from becoming sour gas. It's nice to have this source of urgency otherwise I AFK while my dupes train their skills and stockpile food and refined resources.
  8. Hard food seems pretty reasonable if you stick to 3 dupes. I'm on cycle 37 with 34300 kcalories and haven't used any of the calories from the second world so I've got a backup of nosh beans I can raid (also 20000 kcal in frozen sleet wheet). No use of mush bars. Just thought I'd add a data point. Loving the DLC Alpha. Great work Klei.
  9. Is there a way to roll back preview updates client side?