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  1. Without the challenge of keeping things cool, I would have stopped playing the game a long time ago. The challenge is what kept me coming back until I figured it out.
  2. Sandstone Grinder

    Could not read past your profile photo =o
  3. This is coming to a theater near you, Aug 24.
  4. Yeah, but these ones don't burn calories.
  5. This happens to me all the time. They're immortal for a while, then they start eating again.
  6. Designing Decor

    The op is the best idea I have seen on these forums.
  7. These tasks should just have the same mechanic as the upcoming wash basins, where, if a dupe passes by, they do it.
  8. One massage table works fine for me. Even for up to ~15 dupes. Never seen a stress response proc in-game - after 556 hours played.
  9. Brainstorming

    I've seen it suggested in many threads, and I don't think mob breeding is a good idea (at least with things like hatches and pufts). These mobs are high-investment-high-reward. Collecting the slime from even one or two pufts can completely take care of your polluted oxygen, as can collecting the coal from a few hatches provide sustainable energy. Asking for ways to trap/move/breed them, to me, translate into, "Make the game easier. Give us infinite energy and take away the polluted oxygen."
  10. I would like it if the next dupe who passed by these type of tasks took care of it, but it also got added to someone's queue, just in case no one passed by for a while.
  11. Would still need a manual override in case you want to prioritize one diseased dupe over another, or prioritize disease over healing. Pintsman's solution would work. Or even just have it default to "everyone," so that, unless assigned to a specific dupe, they would use it for healing as needed.
  12. Yeah but people are right - binge eater is unbalanced, and doesn't make any sense. I've seen people run 100% stress bases to no ill effect. They just pick ugly criers and never build a massage table. It would be a lot more realistic (and interesting) if prolonged stress took a toll on dupes. It should definitely incapacitate them after a while, and, I think, kill them if you don't do something about it. Lmao.
  13. The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. It's not enough to just have the stress response over and over. There should be a heavy cost if you let stress go unchecked. I doubt, however, that Klei will ever make a suicide-by-mining-gun animation XD. Will stress alone cause a dupe to be incapacitated? If not, it should - and eventually kill them.
  14. Tiles are boring!

    Yeah, I'd prefer an overlay that shows building materials. I like tiles looking uniform though.
  15. It would be hilarious to find a dupe being digested by a tree, making the "entombed" sounds - like a boa constrictor swallowing its prey. Then you could cut him out if you wanted to save him, (killing the tree). = D