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  1. CO2 disappearing!

    so I have to build a water lock on every single door if I don't want this to happen?
  2. All co2 is disappearing. Sealed mealwood farm had avg 350g/m² co2, then I got a food shortage alarm, it had dropped to <140g/m² co2. Likewise, my base has been sealed for like 30 cycles, and the co2 is just not accumulating. Of course I don't mind vanishing co2 in my base, but it causes in problems in farms. Am I missing something?
  3. Brought on a dupe, the first thing he did was go to medbay and start chewing on some vitamin chews. He had 97% immunity when he came into the world. Intended?
  4. That was my favorite addition in Outbreak - if a dupe had under 100% stamina in the morning, they would sleep in until fully rested, or if they hit 0% stamina throughout the day, they would go take a nap. Adorable! Please bring it back! Edit: Ok, some of them are doing it now, but not all the time. Sorry posted too soon
  5. Just look at them chewing. It's like there's a few frames missing from the animation or something. Their mouths look overly-full, like they're just sloshing food around in there. Before they looked like they were really chewing. Incredibly niche, I know.
  6. Everything stopped reporting as a room, relog fixed it.
  7. It was absolutely perfect. Why was it changed? They look so weird when chewing now.
  8. If this is intended, why doesn't mesh door do the same thing?
  9. In follow mode, it would be nice to have a "next" button to cycle through duplicants. It would also be cool to have a UI where you could compare (and sort by) ALL stats between dupes.
  10. It always looks better when text is light on a dark background. White text boxes just scream "1990's website."
  11. I started playing oil preview, game said "mouse scroll down" was bound to two controls - zoom-out and some debug control - and I said ok fine b/c I wasn't using debug. After 15 minutes I couldn't zoom out, went to controls and zoom-out was bound to nothing.
  12. Did you change food permissions, job permissions, or door permissions recently?