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  1. My game is crashing after about 1-3 minutes of being open. It started happening after I began trying to pump out some gas from a large over pressurized section. Attached are the latest 2 crash files: SimDLL_CRASH_release_217565_20170519-19.41.32.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_217565_20170519-19.51.12.dmp
  2. The calorie intake option is removed from the Vitals section? All my Dupes are eating around 2k calories now, and my large farm is slowly becoming not enough to sustain their eating style, where before it was more than enough. If this was removed on purpose, it would be really nice to have it back (maybe with a smaller range to choose from to increase difficulty?) so you have a little more control over their consumption/over consumption.