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  1. yea I found out that I made some mistakes but they weren't effecting my dupes so I just let them be and planned on dealing with them later. I found it pretty strange anyway that there was slime with surface germs next to bleach stone. I could just deal with sick dupes no problem but the challenge I made for myself was to never let them become germ hosts in the first place. not one dupe. (if they never get sick why would I wouldn't even need a medbay, but I made it anyway out of habit)
  2. I've been trying to keep my dupes from ever contracting slimelung. it's an unnecessarily difficult goal but I'm at cycle 106 and with chlorine and a lot of patients and retries I've been doing pretty well. however I have his a road bump. I wanted to make exosuits to try and make it a lot easier to keep the dupes from getting into contact with any slimelung. ofcourse to make exosuits I'll need some thimble weed from the swamp biome, filled with slimelung. I have pumped in chlorine and have been slowly inching my way through the biome to see what the limits are and I think I found it (as you probably saw from the title) The whole endevour went well until cycle 106. where unexpectedly my dupes are catching slimelung, despite being fully submerged in chlorine gas and there being no trace of slimelung in the air where they catch it. I restarted the cycle twice to make sure I hadn't made a mistake and let them dig to fast but the seem to just randomly catch it being in the swamp biome. jobtastic homeworld no slimelung Cycle 106.sav
  3. the game crashed to desktop when I was playing it. I didn't think much of it as it seemed to have been reported and seems to be the same problem as in known issues. so I wanted to start up the game a second time to see if it would happen again before I made a report. but then when I started the game again it crashed on start-up that hasn't happened to me on this computer before. I haven't restarted the computer yet. but I wanted to post this before I forget because it takes a while to restart. DxDiag_oni_crash.txt
  4. I did that, I have not run into that problem since but I am not sure if it was your fix or if it just went past. I've started a new game and I'm on the look out for it.
  5. hehe I went a bit crazy, but the real problem was happening the most around cycle 80. before I put all those exosuits and such in. since then I've made it a habit to just save and reload every so often. so I'm not sure if it got worse or better since then
  6. this bug also happens when the dupes mop in their exosuit
  7. When setting a high priority dupes sometimes ignore the task entirely. When saving and reloading they'll immediately do the higher priority tasks but it seems when my base gets to a medium size I have to reload constantly. pretty much the only way to snap me out of my oxygen not included induced trance but I don't think that's the point. Diseased Acropolis.sav DxDiag_oni.txt
  8. I've been having this problem since the thermal update. every update I'm hopeful that it will get fixed but so far no luck output_log.txt
  9. it's the translation of the error message it gives me. something like "application not responding" or "program stopped responding" so far nothing has changed when keep it running. every now and then I'll get the pop up saying that the program is not responding which asks me to keep it running or close it.
  10. So I've had this problem for a while and I was hoping I'd go away with the new update. When starting the game it the game stops responding. I'm not getting some form of a report prompt from it. So far what I've done is: verify the game cache looked for and updated drivers and windows try to start it with all anti virus and firewalls and such disabled and installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable as suggested by the troubleshooting guide I've been able to play with the thermal upgrade and I can't remember when exactly this problem started. my laptop does meet the recommended requirements.