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  1. Sweet, that was it. Thanks for like the 50th time, you're very helpful. :>
  2. Sorry to bump this thread, but since this exists I'd rather not make a new one. I'm having issues getting the return health on-hit code to work for my weapon. I just want a simple lifesteal of like 7hp per hit, sorta like the batbat but stronger. The code doesn't crash them game, or cause any issues, it just doesn't seem to do anything. I am probably putting it in the wrong place, so I attached the weapon .lua file so someone can correct me. Thanks in advance! shadowrapier.lua
  3. I actually didn't have that line, but after adding it it didn't seem to make any difference. :< Gonna just attach the entire mod. Wythe.7z
  4. I do indeed have the GLOBAL string listed above in my modmain, maybe it's in the wrong location. i don't know why the crafting tab name and description works but the inspect option doesn't. I've attached the horrific frankenstein of a modmain.lua file I've created so far, perhaps this will help. modmain.lua
  5. So I managed to create a custom character using the extended character template, and it's more or less working as I want but one thing I can't figure out is bugging me. While creating his custom starting weapon, despite it functioning mechanically just fine, I wanted to add special "inspect" text to it, and a unique one for wx as well to match his usual "all caps" speak. Now the first two strings for the item name and description in the recipe tab are working in-game just fine, but the two lines of text I added for the "inspect" for all players + wx's special one just won't. The item also does not seem to function with the Food Values+Item tooltips mod properly, as it will either display no text (not even the "equip" option though it can still be equipped normally) or if I hover over another weapon or tool, or any item with stats really, the hover text will match the last item I hovered. This is after hovering over the torch, then hovering the weapon. The strings I'm using for the descriptions and inspect options in my modmain.lua are as follows: STRINGS.NAMES.SHADOWRAPIER = "Shadow Rapier" STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.SHADOWRAPIER = "Don't poke your eye out." STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.SHADOWRAPIER = "Dark and pointy." STRINGS.CHARACTERS.WX78.DESCRIBE.SHADOWRAPIER = "EXTREMELY POINTY. USE WITH CAUTION." I pulled these from another character mod called "Wolfe" who has a unique craftable weapon as well. Is there something wrong with these strings? (Well i mean obviously there is, but what...) or is it something in the other files such as the item's .lua file? If needed I will provide the full modmain.lua, item.lua and character.lua files. Thanks in advance!
  6. I see, thanks! I will do so in the future. I'll try putting the code in modmain and see how it goes. n.n Edit: Ahh success! It's working flawlessly now. Thanks again to both of you!
  7. First, thanks for the response! Any help is welcome and looking at the code helps understand it more. However, I keep crashing before character select. Image of crash screen included. Forgive me if I've done something very obviously wrong, putting stuff in the wrong places etc, I'm entirely new mods for this game and don't understand the code well. I pasted your code into my character's .lua file, and the only change I made was to first line of the code by switching "wickerbottom" with "wythe." Is there more I have to modify in the code itself or a different place I am to put this code? Since I am new to this forgive me if I ask to have it explained to me like I am 5. ;;
  8. I'm pretty new to mod characters, and while I've figured out how to do (most) of what I wanted on my own through searching, I can't seem to find the code (if there is one) to make a character take reduced damage from specific mobs. I'd want this character to take 25% less damage from shadow monsters. Thanks in advance. n_n
  9. So throughout out game I was able to get in and out of the caves just fine, however at one point during our game myself, one other player and the host were exiting the caves and suddenly our host crashed while I was still in the "connecting" menu trying to load back into the surface. This resulted in a "server is not responding" screen and booted me back to the main menu. The other player and the host both were out of the caves before the crash happened, but I hadn't loaded out yet as I was the last one to click exit. When they returned to the server, they were both outside the caves. However, since I guess I never finished loading out before the crash when I reconnect I was/am still in the caves. That's fine, no big deal I think and I go to exit the caves. I get the "connecting..." screen that hangs for awhile then eventually says "Server is not responding, please try again later." and boots me back to the main menu. Now, I had no problems getting in or out of the caves that entire game, I'd already made multiple trips down there. The host, on the other hand, did have some issues earlier himself and crashed once trying to get into the caves. It was only after the host crashed a second time while I was loading OUT of the caves did my issue start. Now every time I load into the server I am still in the caves, and no matter what exit I use I always end up unable to get out, with the game telling me "Server is not responding, please try again later." then boots me back to the main menu. Is this a known issue, and if so, is there ANY known fix for this or am I just screwed and stuck down there forever? Edit: with further testing it seems that this issue persisted on any server this particular host created, not just the one the bug originally happened on. I was able to jump into the cave but not leave. The bug only affected me, others could go in and out fine. I hosted my own server and had no problems, and on the server of another friend I also had no issues. It's just me, and just this host's servers.