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  1. Alrighty, Thanks for the info.
  2. *Hoping some type of response/s can be given* 1. Some people have asked if they could just go for the gift-box rather than a game.Would this be possible; even though it is noted that it will only be applied to those who have already bought every game.Especially in the case that (Of which I don't know) There may be some users who can not run; and or do not like some of the games you guys have made. 2. Will DLC be selectable rather than a "Game" for those who possible own every game; but not the DLC. Which goes into another side question of, Does DLC count as owning a "Game" for this opportunity, or will a user just need to own the games themselves and not the DLC aswell. 3. On-top of the DLC question; Would one be able to select a Soundtrack instead aswell; or would that go into the same case as DLC. 4. Do games you have Published count as a possible gift; or just games you guys have made. I think that is all I have to ask; And again. Thank you, Thank you for every game you have made and for this special opportunity you have given all of us. *Note: These questions are being transferred from the Steam-Discussion post to here for possible further visibility.