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  1. its not the preview branch its the live one.. dont know how to change it..
  2. Thanks for the reply i cant waaait
  3. There is no posibility to store Phosphorite. The Store units dont have the option
  4. When the Duplicans get 100% fullness you can set the "Calories/Cycle" to 0 and he will never get hungry again. Untill you "Fix" the bug. (See below) i play on: Windows 10, Terminal Update, How it happend to me first: I played and only wanted a new 4th Duplicant to work for me without needing to feed him. So i got one and after i while i set his Calories/Cycle to 0. After a while i realiced he still was alife even tho the 5th Duplicant i starved to death died. So i looked at him, he had 100% fullness! even tho he didnt eat for a looong time. I didnt saw him eating and there was never a "eaten today" over 0. So i tryed to recreate it xD and make a Colonie where noone needs to eat. After a while i had 5 Duplicants who never ever ate anything only at the begining to get the 100% Fullness. I played around a bit to find out how to recreate and fix it. All infos to that below: How to recreate: Go ingame. Watch the "Fullness" of your Dublicans. At the second "Fullness" gets to 100% hurry and set "Calories/Cycle" to 0. If it didnt go from "Fullness 100%" to less then 100 in the time you made the change it will not work. But if you did it right the Duplicant will never need to eat again. It doesnt matter on witch Cycle or Person you do it. It always worked for me (If they get to 100% fullness xD) They just need a while till you get everyone on 100% fullness How to "fix" the bug: If you change Calories/Cyle, the fullness trops and the Duplicants will need to eat again. If you reload the game Duplicants will need to eat again. Sadly i cant send you my Savefile of the game because in the second i opend it again everything was fine... and i dont get them to eat enought for 100%fullness anymore, i dont know why tho. Im not sure if you have something out of my Output Log or/and DXDiag i will send it anyway.