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  1. I trying start a new world on SW linked with hamlet and I can't drop any turf, when try change the floor the turf don't appear This bug It's on Hamlet too, when I try change the floor on cork florest the turf don't appear.
  2. Every time with any caractcher i go to the day 10, but when the game will save my simple close I tried tree time, with wilson, Wigfrid and webber(with he the game close on day 3, 7 and 10) I return to the save on day 9 and I losted all progress on day 10 Edit1: If I save the game before the auto save i can go But the problem with auto save continue after 2 or 3 days Edit 2: Now any save close my game, the game choose when want save now >:(
  3. Searching ingredients to make a bacon and eggs, another crash
  4. I'm play the beta of hamlet, I'm here to help the bug tracker, my has been crashed when i try to choose a new lamp(Top Hat Lamp) on roof on house what I bought