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  1. [Game Update] - 243968

    Thank you! No more disappearing Beefalo! XD
  2. Why can't I place this trap???

    I don't see an uninstall option unless I'm blind. I disabled it and it still didn't work.
  3. Why is my caged Snowbird wearing a pirate hat?

    I'm gonna refrain from reporting it because I think this is awesome and I don't want it fixed. I was just curious as to why it was now a thing.
  4. Why can't I place this trap???

    I think I recall seeing a Shadow Hand exactly once but I don't think it came at me from that angle(IIRC it came from what is now my drying rack room). I'll ask starrynytex for more info when he/she comes on since he/she seems to have been around this block before. Thanks anyway.
  5. Why can't I place this trap???

    I went the simpler route of backing up the save file But when I tried that command I got "attempt to index a nil value" ETA: As a control, I hovered my mouse over a placed tooth trap before running the command. The trap vanished with no additional message, and I just used alt+f4 to revert back.
  6. Why can't I place this trap???

    I've been here for a few days but thanks And yes, I've rotated the camera and none of the angles work. By relog, do you mean quit the game and reenter? Because that hasn't worked either. Also, that second screenshot was with the mod deactivated, so it looks to me like something's bugged about that spot specifically.
  7. So I'm trying to fill a room in my base with tooth traps, but there is this one spot where a tooth trap should go that is arbitrarily refusing to let me place anything and it's driving me crazy. I even waited until nightfall to see if there were fireflies there stopping me but there aren't. Someone want to explain what's going on and how I can fix it?
  8. Beefalo Disappearing

    I was coming here to report this too. Steam V 243469 Active Mods: Abigail Plus, Auto Tooth Trap, Bee Nice, Don't Need To Fertilize D&R, Examine Traps First, Geometric Placement, Hounds Attack Predictor, Keep Up Abigail, Keep Up Chester, More Realistic Honey, Mush Garden DS, RPG HUD, Status Plus, and Where Is Chester. All of these mods have been in active use for a long time before this began occurring.
  9. For the record, I don't have the Shipwrecked DLC; I've been debating whether to get it now while it's on sale or wait and see if it gets any cheaper during December(I scored Reign of Giants for $1.24 so that's what I'm holding out for for SW). Yet when I booted up the game today this is what I saw. Was this a recent update I'm not aware of or what's going on? I know SW got an update recently but that shouldn't affect RoG, should it?