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  1. I also encountered this kind of problem. This is the most recent log. ModUploader.log This is the log of another friend of mine. ModUploader.log
  2. Hello. I cannot update my MOD after this update of the MOD tool. Where can I find the log to give you feedback?【Google Translate】 您好。MOD工具在这次更新后我无法更新我的MOD。请问哪里能找到日志向你们反馈?
  3. Well, Maybe the next update will be able to play on MacBook.[Google Translate] I hope it can be fixed soon.
  4. Unfortunately,At present, it can only be playing with Windows or the official version.[Google Translate]
  5. Hello, Klei Entertainment. I am a player from China, and I really like Don’t Starve Together. Recently, during the test update of Don't Starve Together on the Steam platform, I was on a MacBook equipped with MacOS Catalina 10.15.7. Every time I opened the beta version of Don't Starve, I would get an error and crash, which made me feel very sad. I will give a screenshot of the relevant information below. By the way, this is not an isolated case. A friend of mine who also uses a MacBook had the same crash when he started the beta version of Don’t Starve Together. I guess this is related to this update: "Fixed a bug causing inconsistent worldgen on Linux and Mac."I really like the game Don’t Starve Together, I hope you guys can help me solve this problem. Finally, I wish your company better and better again![Google Translate]