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  1. build:u35479045-v 1 visual glitch - dupes use "eat animation" on any task (sleep, toilet, shower, rock crusher). not everyone, not always, sometimes few dupes glitched same time. perhaps animation bugged when they hungry or smth 2 visual glitch - afk near closed doors\airlocks - when dupe want to to smth right next to closed airlock (build a wire for example) here what hppn: dupe come to closed airlock - its open then close with dupe stayed on side he came from - he continue just staying afk on his side even if other come through this airlock, no animation of work of smth but suddenly he just move away by his own business and whire (that he wanted to build) just appear on other side. same glitch work with different tasks next to door\airlock - storing building digging 3 visual - sometime full compost look like its empty 4 some path finding bug - i use 3 tile gap between rooms: door-ladder-pole-ladder-door (last two dosnt rly matter) some time dupes become jumping from ladder on pole and back on ladder with no reason, they can repeat this exercises for all day long (untill job appear or schedule change) and not count as idle but they are in fact
  2. So when lang pack hit main client? next update?
  3. All discussions and propositions still in eng, right? Just dont get it clear - how should i argue my propositions for those who dont know lang that we discuss? Maybe some example of work with strings u waiting from us? Also kinda uncomfortable work only with ingame translation, because often you should know original string to note that translation make disappear some accents\senses. Is there any board or smth with original strings, glossary, suggestions, comments and other tools?
  4. No options to change lang. What im doing wrong?