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  1. About Mettle. We all agreed that with game progression - difficulty curve must rise, right? This is normal when game meets u with decreased difficulty and rise it to full power when u get comfortable with local mechanics etc. In Griftlands prestige levels represent this. But then why u add flat permanent grind-based boosting? This kind progression make early game harder then ~100 hours after. I meet same mechanic in Hades, where u unable beat game first X runs before u invest some currency in mirror to activate perks like extra life\dash etc (hilarious is that after u get some perks in mirror and beat game - they give u punishing contract (kinda prestige) where one of many options - start disable perks from mirror to make game harder again). So i just can get this trend make game harder at start then in late game. Bcause if i beat my first run on prestige 2 with 0 mettle (i forget spend it before Kashio) - then i want try prestige 3 with 0 mettle too, otherwise what sense make p3 harder when at same time i make it easyer with tonn of mettle? Ok lets say i need all advantages i can get to complete a new set of 11 Steam achievements - fine, challenging achievement are great, but these boosts permanent? so how about whole game will not be challenging anymore after i pack up with Mettle buffs and done with achievements? still got 9 and few reinstals =)
  2. All discussions and propositions still in eng, right? Just dont get it clear - how should i argue my propositions for those who dont know lang that we discuss? Maybe some example of work with strings u waiting from us? Also kinda uncomfortable work only with ingame translation, because often you should know original string to note that translation make disappear some accents\senses. Is there any board or smth with original strings, glossary, suggestions, comments and other tools?