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  1. not any, just those ones that exclusive for epic and later anyways come to steam. guess nobody just need any from epic(not cause hate or smth, its just bad with no features for users). as 4 me until i have "choise" i will wait steam. Guess right answer - in many, but epic actually hold it in one like a year =)
  2. Its 18% more money only if epic sells=steam sells (which is as u can see here not even close) so its more look like lose of 18% money, hope exclusiveness contract cover those. gl klei, but no epic for me
  3. exactly my thoughts is this klei big logo in left and tiny one in right? requesting research is there micro ones in top corners xD
  4. just make old sets content like old, mixing it with fresh content just to low players chances get any wanted skin piece and get high chances dat disappointed players get a skin pack its a rly dirty trick. make profile icon from literally every thing in game to same low chances get skin piece also bad manners release free skin sets yeye, but as someone said before its no matter cause u can release so many content for free dat players just have no time to get access to all these content cause there new one already released. also with high frequency sets are losing their sense.. it became just another set. so throw on us all these stuff as from machine gun just for increasing cash flow is a wrong way to make games. and klei dat i know never go these way. u should make things unique, rare, valuable then they become beloved (as it be before with dst) but when u begin pull lore just to push out few new characters to sold em, all these loot manipulations - is greed, and ye u get some profit, but in further perspective game became full of bright wrappers with no candy inside and will be abandoned. pls be careful, Klei