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  1. I do not know what caused this bug but in the middle of my colony a cold area started forming around 40 cycles ago. It started when i trapped some water under my tiles, so that may be the reason (you can still see the water on there). But after that it started to get wider. The cold area switches in temperature somewhere between -80 and 0 °C.
  2. Sometimes when you want the dups to build something that is submerged in liquid they cannot do it, it says "unreachable". But the moment you move one of your dups into the water they can do it, move out to get the materials and then cant build it again because it is unreachable.
  3. I created a water loop where i pumped water into a system where i use showers and lavatorys and then let the polluted water go to a water purifier, which pumps water back to the showers etc, so a closed system with a definite amount of water. The bug is that this system produces new water, in my estimates with 2 showers, 2 lavatorys and 7 dups around 20 kg a day. In my system on the right side is a valve which i open once a day so that my system can still run cause there is too much water in it then.
  4. ok i tried to replicate it myself again, didnt work on an old file where i checked with other jobs too, i just know it happened like that last time ^^
  5. I had one of my duplicants running on the manual generator and then changed some things on the job screen, when i removed that dup from the job "Power" the game crashed. Didnt check if this applies to other jobs yet