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  1. Does anyone have a spare DST Steam key?

    I forgot, Here's my e-mail for contact: Please dont spam!
  2. My brother and I are big fans of Klei games, especially Don't StarveTogether (and oxygen not included). The thing is, my brother loves don'tstarve together, he played it when we were at our cousins house, he watchesvideos of updates and let's plays. I want to buy him don't starve togetheron steam, but there are some problems:1.Our parents don't want us to buy games from internet(we dont have acredit card and paysafecards are a big no-no)2.It costs a little bit (but it's totally worth its price, if not even more)3.I have no way to get money to buy him don't starve together So i would be very pleased if someone had a spare dst key, and gave me it. If i get something to pay, i would kindly pay you. My steam profile: