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  1. I have tried various configurations with trying to connect the atmo switch to power so I can have intermittent power to a gas pump. I run the wire straight through the atmo switch and it says it will not connect. I have done this before and it has worked just fine.
  2. Red Ring

    There is a red ring graphic on my screen toward the middle bottom portion of my screen. It is about the size of a baseball. Doesn't appear to do anything. I tried loading old game, making a new game. Only since release on the 18th. But it does not show in a screen shot, weird.
  3. My hydroponic tiles are also not irrigating the plants, the water just sits there not irrigating. or 1 plant down the line takes everything. The liquid completely bypasses the other plants. No restrictions on the inflow it was straight from a "well"
  4. My dupes had a similar issue. I had good power, tables set at low stress 12 high stress 50, they got stressed but would not go to the table. Then they got so mad/upset/stressed they wouldn't run the generators, which then would not have the power to run the tables. Vicious cycle and dupes were destroying the base with vomit and behavior. or just sitting and crying.
  5. Known Issues

    The Dupes are still not picking up/sweeping bottles/jugs of water sitting on the ground, they just sit there after deconstructing something and get in the way of building.