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  1. Typo in text.lua

    Ok, I explain again
  2. function Text:SetSize(sz) if LOC then sz = sz * LOC.GetTextScale() end self.inst.TextWidget:SetSize(sz) self.size = sz end function Text:SetSize(sz) return self.size end second SetSize must be GetSize I think?
  3. you can delete files in Documents/Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/mods/Steam/<mod ID>/ folder. It helps for me.
  4. Suddenly FPS in game became low (20-45) after ~40 cycles (I think, when base become big). Its actual for 288641 and 288927. For example, fps for same saved file: in version 285480 – 45-57, in 288927 – 14-27. 39-18.sav
  5. When Klei fix "translation file not update" bug? Whats wrong with its cache?