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  1. happy tears :' ) klei, y'all are the best
  2. Let her extinguish flaming objects/structures with her bare hands the way other characters can extinguish smoldering objects/structures with their bare hands, but it costs her Sanity since she doesn't like doing it. Doubles as a convenient way to induce insanity deliberately.
  3. Wortox Has Arrived!

    Since we've gone several weeks past release without any balance changes to Wortox, it's probably safe to assume Klei is happy with how he was received and doesn't plan on tweaking him further in the immediate future. That's ok by me, I do still think he is one of the closest to being ideally-balanced of the cast. But I do also want to summarize the points about him that have stuck with me, before this thread falls into obscurity. My only consistent problem with him has been that I find he is too tanky for his intended role. He is a healer with strong escape/mobility, which in other games with party dynamics would generally be a role occupied by someone fairly squishy; but since he has 200 max health and can accumulate so much capacity for self-healing so quickly, he has a bit too much incentive to mindlessly face-tank like Wolf/WX/Wigfrid. This is not an inherently bad thing, but it does clash a little bit with his identity as a clever trickster (whereas using Soul Hop invincibility frames to kite, or to escape from danger across a chasm, or to act as a back-line healer while the others tank, all synergize perfectly with that identity!) There've been a lot of suggestions about nerfing his self-healing with souls while preserving the effectiveness of healing on others. Something else that occurred to me recently was that Klei could nerf his interaction with armor (his horns and fur make armor difficult to wear properly, maybe?) which would be an indirect nerf to his self-healing without needing to special-case the heal value of souls on him. Grass suit only reduces 55% of damage, football helmet/log suit/battle helm/beekeeper hat only reduces 75%, thulecite crown/suit only reduces 85%, marble suit/night armor only reduce 90%. Maybe set his max health to the default 150 too?
  4. 1. Wendy. Balanced strengths and weaknesses, best quotes, great lore, fun emergent mechanical interactions with a lot of different mob AI. Still my favorite after 100 or more hours with every character. 2. Webber. Best survivor for carrying noobs IMHO since he can live really easily on his own even if someone accidentally burns the base down or lets Deerclops spawn in it. Plus he can generate infinite Telltale Hearts. Plus he has fun interactions with Wendy. 3. Wortox. Best instrument, best carol. Second-best survivor for carrying noobs. Third-best quotes. Soul Hop is also the most fun ability in the game. 4. Maxwell. Best lore. Second-best quotes. Challenging but rewarding gameplay. Great for megabasing and caving. 5. Wigfrid. Sarah Bernhardt + Valkyrie, awesome stuff. Wish she was a little harder though. 6. WX. Non-binary tanky speedy superior metal husbando-waifu. Wish they were a little harder though. 7. Winona. Good quotes, good lore. Speedcrafting useful, catapults make Misery Toadstool solo more bearable. 8. Wicker. Love her quotes, love her visual design, love her skins, but don't love her gameplay. Overloaded with OP abilities like a D&D 3.5e spellcaster. #nerfwicker2019 9. Wes. Best skins. Best survivor for mimes, memes, and flexing. Best Gorge solos. Does cheeky invisible bicycle rides in the face of Lovecraftian existential horrors. If only he was good for anything in the main game other than intangible morale benefits ;_; 10. Wolf. Most efficient user of weapons and armor. Lots of depth to his gameplay in theory, but you don't get to see a lot of that depth because it's too easy to be Mighty near-permanently. Speed boost in Mighty form is redundant strength that doesn't feel appropriate to his character. Quotes are some of the cutest and funniest in the game though. 11. Woodie. Second-best instrument. Best at gathering living logs without a weather pain. Underpowered, but not as weak as some people think. Has some inconsistencies/anachronistic references in his quotes. I get the vibe Klei takes him less seriously than the others since he is just an exercise in Canadian self-deprecation. 12. Wilson. OK lore, OK quotes, boring gameplay. 13. Willow. I like her personality in theory but her quotes can get a little one-note. It's basically the same joke over and over, e.g. "is this thing flammable? guys i like burning stuff cuz i'm a pyromaniac get it"
  5. Wendy/Abigail rework

    Wendy is probably the closest to my ideal of "balance" of all the current characters. IMHO a DS/DST character is at ideal balance when their strengths are situational, but their downsides are felt almost all the time and you can't ever forget the downside exists. Maxwell is quite close to this too, but his strengths are useful a liiiiiiiiittle too often. Wigfrid/Webber/Wortox are also close, with downsides that are a liiiiiittle too easy to avoid from the midgame onwards. (Wicker/WX/Wolf are in the category of having downsides that might as well not exist) There is one change to Wendy that I would like. I would like for Abigail to more consistently prioritize the Woven Shadows over Fuelweaver, particularly when he is invulnerable. Additional means of controlling her directly could be nice but I don't think they are strictly necessary. I like her a lot as-is.
  6. The wiki has an absurd amount of misleading and inaccurate information about DST, mostly (I think) due to confusion about mechanics that have changed from how they worked in single player, though that alone doesn't account for all of the misinformation. I don't trust anything it says anymore until I've confirmed it in-game : 3
  7. Make objects/structures/mobs/fire pits/campfires in a radius around her burn for *longer* before going out. This helps with every criterion. It's more in-character for the Firestarter. It means flaming mobs receive more fire damage. And it means the team has more time to react and extinguish burning valuables. Also would be a nice way to conserve fuel before everyone has Scaled Furnaces. It is absolutely true. Fire in DST deals different amounts of damage depending on the source and the target but they are all pretty lackluster. Typically bosses take around 75-85hp of damage from a single fire staff blast or the burn that follows gunpowder, 55-65 damage when set ablaze by a torch or Willow's Lighter, and 35-45 damage when set ablaze by a Fire Dart (Fire Darts are really really bad, the most expensive firestarting item and yet the worst damage) over about a 10 second burn. The fire staff's ~8 DPS is almost negligible compared to the damage Willow currently does with even really bad melee weapons (54.4 DPS with just a flint axe, for instance--27.2 damage per hit and 2 hits per second). Trash mobs generally take even less damage from fire than bosses (by about half). You don't need to take my word for this, you can check it out yourself with console commands and any mod that displays mob HP like Show Me. The main value fire has in combat right now is not damage, but crowd control. Many mobs are CC'd while they burn because they run around in a panic, unable to do damage. This can be situationally useful if you are in an open space with no flammable valuables around. I've linked this video a few times before but it does showcase combat mechanics in DST that I'd like to see expanded upon, even if they are of little practical use in DST's current state: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSMhN4i0-eM
  8. Not sure if this is an intentional exception for Jellybeans, like how they are the one exception to Wigfrid's carnivory, but Wortox does not currently get reduced healing from Jellybeans. They heal him for the full ~120 HP over time.
  9. Water-Land? What?

    You can fix it by digging the ocean tiles with a pitchfork. They will turn into normal Barren turf.
  10. Wortox Has Arrived!

    IMHO the ideal should be to incentivize Wortox to spend souls more frequently on Soul Hop when playing alone, and on healing when playing with a team. Mastering Soul Hop's invincibility frame window and using it to save your HP and armor durability should be more cost-effective than simply tanking damage and using your souls to heal yourself. Only when you have allies to increase the effectiveness of each heal should the latter option become particularly tempting.
  11. Wortox Has Arrived!

    all we need to do is get 227 players on one server, never fight enemies with aoe damage, and we'll be GODS
  12. Wortox Has Arrived!

    Upon further investigation I now recognize that using the aoe heal slightly reduces the heal per player--19 each when healing yourself and 1 other, 18 each when healing yourself and 2 others, etc., so the biggest teamwide heal on a normal server at capacity is actually 90hp per soul (15hp for yourself and 5 others, 6*15=90). This reduces my concerns slightly.
  13. Wortox Has Arrived!

    I agree that it is his most useful ability. I just don't think it is very fun or exciting. I like, on occasion, to discover that I'm in over my head and have to bail from a dangerous situation. That never happens to me when I play Wortox in his current state. Soul Hop is not as useful as the healing, but it is very fun and exciting (while still being pretty useful)
  14. Wortox Has Arrived!

    I don't think this would have any noticeable effect. I never use food to heal on Wortox in his current state, and I've never seen anyone else using food to heal him either. The only foods that heal him as effectively as souls are Glommer's goop, dragonpies, pierogi, butter, flower salad, koalefant trunk steak, and fishsticks, and I don't know why you'd go to the trouble of getting any of those when you can just punch a single butterfly for the same effect.
  15. Wortox Has Arrived!

    I could get behind that.