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  1. Wow this is great! Sorry I've been inactive for so long, I'll start checking this regularly again.
  2. So sorry I haven't checked the page recently! Looks great, maybe have Wigfrid have lumberjack shirt or some other common skin? I don't care all that much. Again, I'm really sorry not to have checked this earlier! To the comic in general, I like it! It is actually a lot closer to my vision than I expected, so keep at it!
  3. Hey people, sorry if I didn't alert you, but I have Chapter One written! So it's not perfect, but I'm willing to accept criticism. Check the main post, I edited it into that. Sorry if you already knew it was there. But I posted it day before yesterday and no one said anything, so here is an official announcement for you!
  4. Who else thinks there should be a special skin for us tablet players? I dunno how they'd confirm it, but still.... maybe enter your Apple ID & it senses you purchased it? That might not work. Well whatever.
  5. I will once it's written! I'm almost done, sorry if this is taking a while but I have very little time. By later today or tomorrow afternoon for sure, I'll have it done.
  6. Looking for some one who can draw all of the DS and RoG characters, I have a plot for a fanfic, but I reeeally want it to be a comic, so who can draw? (Cause I really can't draw) My main characters will be Wilson, Wendy, Abigail, Wigfrid, Webber and Maxwell, although Charlie will also appear a bunch. If you're interested, show me how you draw these characters. I would like some one who's pretty flexible, because I can be kinda particular and that can come off as rude, unfortunately. In advance, if I'm like 'I don't like how you draw their nose' or something, just say I'm being petty and I'll probably stop. I promise I won't take offense, since I know I am petty. Please let me know if you'd like to help! Seems like I've found someone, thanks Minespatch! *Please note, this is just a first draft of the very start. If my writing isn't it's best, I apologize. Also yes, Wigfrid is supposed to be overly dramatic* the script for the very beginning is done, it is inclosed below, and more is on the way. I'm going for pretty short chapters, that way I can probably write 1-3 a week. And #2 is here as well! Because of the completely maddening formatting, you have to click though two spoilers to get to it, my apologies!
  7. I feel like I'm walking into a conversation- but anyway, this is a thread, so I will say: Does anyone know when we can expect the Rose skins? They look amazing.
  8. So hang on- you don't have to buy a gift because it's already included? Is that how it works? I'm a bit confused. I want to give this to a friend, haven't bought it yet, do I need to buy a gift as well as buying it for me? EDIT: ok, I think I understand: it comes with the gift. I was confused by the Steam page about it- that didn't mention that you could get the game and the gift as a bundle. But if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.