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  1. Unsure if this actually a bug or just a "needed" rebalance. "Wavy Jones" shadow creature is overly active, appearing almost immediately after being chased off. Also appears ever night, with no obvious way of preventing/chasing it off for good for that night. Potentially able to make holes in boats (unsure if that's a feature, going under the assumption that it can only rip open boat patches) (had only one patched hole on the boat but after first attack was
  2. I don't know about you guys but in my experience this Wavey Jones is pretty annoying. He appears every night regardless of weather there's a fire or not, it's a pain to get rid of him, and even if you get rid of him he just spawns back instantly in another spot. As for his actions... the messing with the navigation stuff I think is decent, since those aren't necessarily instant death, but the tearing open of boat patches (unsure if he actually makes new holes, but I think he has done it once) basically screws you over if you run out of patches (which in my experience is very common, I just build a few and try not to get into anything too destructive). If he's supposed to be the water equivalent of those hands then I think he should be just as easy to get rid of and less of a death sentence.