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  1. Here we go again with the game breaking bug of birds disappering after a full cycle of four seasons. It's a never ending story, my third playthrough ruined by this bug and I am fed up. It has now resulted in negative reviews from me on portals including Steam etc, for the absolute joke of support for game breaking bugs such as this.
  2. Same here. Please Devs, take a look at this right away, it seems to be something affecting a huge number of players (my guess it affects EVERY player). Makes the game significantly less enjoyable for me and many more.
  3. I experience the exact same issue, doesn't matter if I choose SW or Hamlet.
  4. Have been playing the game for years and never encountered it until now. After dry season, birds disappear. Gone. The bird sounds are still there but no birds of any kind are spawning and no seeds are spawned/dropped. As of now, it seems the crabs are gone too. For me this is a game killer people, please fix.