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  1. Tell me, what here is "interactive"? I've seen nothing. You must restart the game on each changes and a realtime-log output is not "interactive".
  2. The authentication server is offline. Sorry for these. I will bring it up today in few hrs.
  3. @Hineios You can use the releases. Add a Language directory (if not already exists) and add Your xx_XX.json File. To enable your Langage, edit the config.json and add the language-property with your langage code, sample: { "language": "xx_XX" } I will anser later your issue on GitHub
  4. I had implement a simple way to create Language-Files: Go to and sign-in with your Steam-Account. After login, you see on the left Sidebar a "Languages"-Link: On this Overview you see all available languages on GitHub (you can Modify available languages) or Your's: Is an Language-File marked as DEPRECATED, new strings are available for translation. You'll see it, when you modify these: Now, the Author field has two states: A solid String as "Firstname Lastname", otherwise an Array with all contributors: { "__LANGUAGE_INFO": { "author": "Name of Contributor", }, [ ... ] } { "__LANGUAGE_INFO": { "author": [ "Name of Contributor #1", "Name of Contributor #2", ""Name of Contributor #3" ], }, [ ... ] } Informations: You must have an GitHub-Account to commit The Authors must be written in Latin characters, otherwise the language-file will not be approved (for Sample, "Maximilian" is allowed, "Максимилиан" or "馬克西米利安" will be declined).
  5. I had updated the Build-Process; Today, on each Build will be generate a Language-Template File on the other Repository: On i will implement a Localization-Tool to edit these easily.
  6. Next Update: 1. Start implementing the Settings-Window (currently disabled, you can see it, if you edit the /Resources/Menu.json, remove "disabled" or change to false). 2. Adding Steam-Authentication On the Main-Window, you now see the Account-Entrie: If you click on it, you can sign-in with your Steam-Account: After Login, your Account will be seen on the Window:
  7. Please commit to! File-Search/Replacement and other Editor-Features comming soon; I'm a N++ junky and i wan't to create the same methods.
  8. I had update lots of problems and adding new features: After commit, the Builds will be automatically updated ( You can see actual Build-Status on GitHub () Solving performance problems: [Workspace] If folders/projects are opened and you add/delete/update Projects, these will be opened after that [Workspace] Remove/Add Projects without re-render the complete workspace [Screen] only receive data for the same window
  9. Today, i was a little productive; Two changes will comming soon: Core Files On the bottom of the Workspace, you can change to the Core-View to see all core files: Beware: changing core files will be broken your game; If you open/save a core file, you will be notified for security reasons: Yes, the directory/file-tree is currently not optimized, i need more icon-files for that. I hope, others here can help me out (the best solution is a icon-font, additional only SVG-Files!). ModInfo Editor Easily change the ModInfo: On the bottom of the Editor, you can switch between the Editor and the Source-Code: These changes currently not committed (or in the binary files), today, i'm working on these changes. Mostly huge problem is the LUA-Parser, because i don't currently want to add additional LUA-binarys for compatiblity reasons, but the first parsing works very well.
  10. The last hour, i had fill out the main page before i sleeping I hope, you like ip
  11. I18N is implemented. If you are an developer with more experience, you known what Gettext is. The implemented I18N methods are imitated like this, but we working with a RAW-Translation File in JSON, not with .po or .mo files. In JavaScript you call I18N.__('STRING TO TRANSLATE') and on HTML-Side you can use following Attributes: <!-- Translate Content of an Element --> <element data-lang="STRING TO TRANSLATE" /> <!-- Translate Placeholder of an Element (for Input-Elements) --> <element data-langplaceholder="STRING TO TRANSLATE" /> <!-- Translate ::before content of an Element --> <element data-langbefore="STRING TO TRANSLATE" /> <!-- Translate ::after content of an Element --> <element data-langafter="STRING TO TRANSLATE" /> <!-- Translate alt-Attributes of an Element (like Images) --> <element data-langalt="STRING TO TRANSLATE" /> The Language-File has following JSON-Based Content: { "__LANGUAGE_INFO": { "name": "English", "author": "Unknown", "version": "1.0.0" }, [ ... String Table ... ] "BASED STRING": "TRANSLATED STRING" } For Sample, here is the German translation: { "__LANGUAGE_INFO": { "name": "German", "author": "Adrian <Bizzi> Preuß", "version": "1.0.0" }, "File": "Datei", "New...": "Neu...", "Project": "Projekt", "Asset": "Bündel", "Open": "Öffnen", "Open Recent": "Zuletzt geöffnet", "- No Recent Files -": "- keine vorhanden -", "Save": "Speichern", "Save All": "Alle Speichern", "Close": "Schließen", "Close All": "Alle Schließen", "Quit": "Beenden", "Edit": "Bearbeiten", "Undo": "Rückgängig", "Redo": "Wiederherstellen", "Cut": "Ausschneiden", "Copy": "Kopieren", "Paste": "Einsetzen", "Select All": "Alles auswählen", "Search": "Suchen", "Find...": "Finden...", "Find Next": "Weitersuchen", "View": "Ansicht", "Debug": "Debug", "Run DST": "DST Starten", "Tools": "Tools", "Steam": "Steam", "Workshop": "Workshop", "Server": "Server", "Start": "Start", "Stop": "Stop", "Restart": "Neustart", "Configuration": "Konfiguration", "Settings": "Einstellungen", "Help": "Hilfe", "Forum": "Forum", "About": "Über", "Details": "Details", "Deinstall": "Deinstallieren", "This program is licensed under OpenSource.": "Dieses Programm ist unter OpenSource lizensiert.", "&copy 2017 Adrian Preuß | All Rights Reserved.": "&copy 2017 Adrian Preuß | Alle Rechte Vorbehalten.", "Version:": "Version:", "Electron:": "Electron:", "Render Engine:": "Render Engine:", "Memory (RAM):": "Arbeitsspeicher (RAM):", "CPU:": "Prozessor:", "Network Interfaces:": "Netzwerk:", "Operating System": "Betriebssystem", "Platform:": "Plattform:", "Release:": "Release:", "Architecture:": "Architectur:", "Endianness:": "Endianness:", "Hostname:": "Hostname:", "No Items Available": "Keine Einträge vorhanden", "Page": "Seite", "Items": "Einträge", "Unknown": "Unbekannt", "Dialog": "Dialog", "Message": "Nachricht", "Projects": "Projekte", "Preview": "Vorschau", "Properties": "Eigenschaften", "State": "Status", "Rember...": "Merken...", "Save the changes before closing?": "Save the changes before closing?", "Cancel": "Abbrechen", "&copy 2017 Adrian Preuß<br />All Rights Reserved.": "&copy 2017 Adrian Preuß<br />Alle Rechte Vorbehalten.", "Steam Workshop": "Steam Workshop", "Loading Workshop...": "Lade Workshop...", "<u>S</u>earch:": "<u>S</u>uche:", "Search for Mods...": "Suche nach Mods...", "No Items Found!": "Keine Einträge gefunden!", "We couldn't find any items you where looking for.": "Wir können keine Einträge finden, nach denen du suchst.", "Install": "Installieren", "Mod Details": "Mod Details", "Description": "Beschreibung", "Comments": "Kommentare", "Statistics": "Statistiken", "Currently not implemented.": "Derzeit nicht implementiert.", "Author:": "Autor:", "Last Updated:": "Zuletzt aktualisiert:", "Never": "Nie", "Size:": "Größe:", "Downloads:": "Downloads:", "Created:": "Erstellt:", "Updated:": "Aktualisiert:", "Views:": "Angesehen:", "Followers:": "Followers:", "Favorited:": "Favoritisiert:", "Favorited (Lifetime):": "Favoritisiert (Gesamt):", "Subscriptions:": "Abonniert:", "Subscriptions (Lifetime):": "Abonniert (Gesamt):", "Reports:": "Gemeldet:", "Workspace": "Arbeitsbereich", "Select a Workspace": "Wähle ein Arbeitsbereich", "DSTEd stores your projects in your installed game.<br />Please select your installed <strong>Don't Starve Together</strong> directory.": "DSTEd speichert deine Projekte in deinem installiertem Spiel.<br />Bitte gebe den Pfad zu deinem installiertem <strong>Don't Starve Together</strong> Spiel an.", "<u>W</u>orkspace:": "<u>A</u>rbeitsbereich:", "Browse": "Suchen", "Use this as the default and do not ask again.": "Benutze dies als Standard und frage nicht erneut.", "OK": "OK", "Path to Don't Starve Together...": "Verzeichniss zu Don't Starve Together..." } Language-Files are located in the Languages directory (if you start the Software over Start.(sh|bat) it's on /Source/Languages; If you use a released binary, it's on the Language directory where you find the executable (for example DSTEd.exe). The Filename of an Language file is named by the country like en_US.json, de_DE.json and other... If you want to use a language, add these language Line in your config.json: { "workspace": "/** YOUR WORKSPACE **/", "language": "de_DE" }
  12. No, its called
  13. Nice, thanks! Yes, later, i will add some translations. Today its my last day to work - than i have two weeks vacation and lots of more time! I can start a implementation of an Translation-System tomorrow. For my option, i translate the Software in german. If others find bad strings or text passages in english, feel free to correct it; my english is a little bit bad
  14. The porting to new API is finished. Currently, the Pre-Released binarys are uploading. Changes: Reimplement the API on the server side in a new system (PHP) Change domain from to Interfaces: Mostly, the Request will be a POST-Request with application/json as Content-Type. For later usage, it's recommended, to set a User-Agent - I will implement custom outputs based on the DSTEd-Version later (for back compat and/or deprecated methods). Sample User-Agent (See the Source): page (Integer) language (String) search (String) file (Integer)
  15. Anncouncement: Currently i've reorder the Steam-Workshop API. For maintenance reason, the Workshop-Search currently not available for horus. After porting, you must download the newest version of DSTEd.