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  1. It is not necessarily one, but I guess this happens to some players: DO NOT SAY USELESS STUFFS WHEN PPL DO NOT WANT TO PLAY ALONG WITH YOU. I have a friend of this kind ( IRL and in DST). He would build himself a grave and die there every single time before he leaves a server in DST. And sometimes he still goes without ppl listening to him. Today he just came to me and rant to me about someone saying:"why do u go through such dramas? Just go. " when my friend was talking about his grave and his stuffs left there. My guy thinks he's got quite insulted, and for being his friend for 19 years' sake, I came to the forum and tried to figure this out. He is a nice guy in game and IRL (I cannot know him better) and followed most of the disciplines listed above. (He uses profanity on intentional griefers but that's fine) but you cannot always expect everyone to play along with you. The same can be said to guys like "But Webber likes monster meats" or "this is my gloomer, I'll name him/her Blah blah blah". I'm fine personally with such behaviors cuz it can be either cute or funny. But if nobody replies to what you says (good thing about DST, one can choose to be silent), maybe u want to calm down a bit? But on the opposite side, it's not courteous to say things like "Stop being childish" either, you can politely point it out. imo, the guy that "insulted" my friend did fine, while he did not point it out "courteously", he did not do it aggressively either. Being courteous is not that easy online nowadays. So generally we can conclude my crappy words into these lines: On public servers, behave like a grown-up and conceal your childishness unless you have audiences that plays along with you. If someone does not seem to be like a grown-up, tolerate him/her. Point it out COURTEOUSLY or simply be silent. On your own servers with your friends? Whatever, you can even change speed & damage multipliers and tell yourself: Willie just transformed and Charlie ain't nothin'.