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  1. Dont starve missing items

    Fair enough but I want the plushies but when I know you can get skins but I cant use them in my game I don't wanna buy. Klei is losing money there this is something that should be in the base game in my opinion
  2. Dont starve missing items

    Fair enough for the bosses but the cosmetic things like fences and the different looking backpacks etc that' not lore. I have been reading that the devs have given up on ds and rog and just focusing on dst which seems unfair coz without the support they had for ds and rog there would be no dst. They really need to give some ore love to the base game in my opinion
  3. Dont starve missing items

    will this add the stuff into the base game and rog?
  4. Hi all, I might be wrong but why in ds and rog are we unable to tame and ride a beefalo? Why don't ds and rog have thin fencing and gates? Why don't we have to ability to buy the plushes and have different looking chests and backpacks? Why haven't the different bosses in dst i.e Reanimated skeleton, Antlion, Klus and bee queen not been added to ds and rog? There is no reason why these things haven't been added into ds and rog, these things have already been made and introduced into dst am sure it wouldn't take long to put these things into ds and rog. Lee
  5. Rowan cheated I shall punish him then lol
  6. How did this happen? lol. Just through Id show it hehe