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  1. Here for same issues. Server got disconnected and can't crate server
  2. Sorry for double posting. I did this in very short time it have little missing details. I will fix them in future but for now i wanted to share Wickerbottom the Great
  3. Thank you so much. I'm so happy I'm working on another halloween project. I can't wait to share new project with everyone ^^ __________________________________________ I forgot to share my new project on forum, sorry And... It's here!
  4. Hahaha For today's menu, a fried batilisk with willow's fire
  5. I shared on Tumblr before Wigfrid is my other main character so i had so much fun drawing her. I wanted to be patient but i couldnt Halloween apporaching!!! Willow's mouth is very odd i know that I didn't draw properly. I hope everyone likes it
  6. Hello Minespatch, Thanks for the compliment In 3. drawing i used lines for pattern. Like you said Guest of Honor drawing is like that. Actually in 5. drawing i used lines for same pattern too but it look so dark i decide to not draw like that. Thank you for your words. They are important for me and i will consider about them at future
  7. Hi WhimsiKitty I'm glad you like my artworks ^^ I used survivor Wigfrid skin. I used her patterns on her face. Hello Swollson, I am so happy you liked my works and it's great to be in this forum :3 Right now i don't do animations but at future i have some plans for it. I'll do my best
  8. I didn't think that i would open my title in the artwork section in the first place, yet here i am. When I lost my enthusiasm about drawing, i frankly didn't think that DST would run to my help. I show my thanks to this game which has made me love drawing again. As one can see, i'm not active in the forum section that much but i will try to give feedbacks as far as i can. In my drawings, i'm not very good at forming up the background coloring. I hope that i can improve myself in this particular case. Your opinion of course holds a great importance for me. For any details or mistakes that i have omitted, feel free to warn me about those specific issues. In the future, I'm planning to make long-term DST fan animations also, but i think i still have a way to go Wish you enjoy the thing <3