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  1. Changed Status to Fixed

    Changed Note: to the mouth symbol was accidentally overwritten with an older version that was missing the tongue drawings which caused them to disappear.

    Looks like the mouth symbol was overwritten by an older version as we were creating new facial expressions for the joy reactions. Fixed now and will be in a hotfix soon

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  2. Just took a look in the flash file, and there was a duplicate of the art_3x2_a symbol on painting a and b, but it was invisible to the eye. It looked as if there was no artwork in the symbol which made it appear invisible...or perhaps layered underneath the other artwork symbol but the pivot point was way off to one side. Because it was invisible to the eye, you couldn't see it unless you highlighted the entire layer. 
    I deleted the duplicates so it should be fine now. I don't think it affected the art in game as I've seen all the paintings display properly but it was still good to find and delete it in case it ever did cause an issue.

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