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  1. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Note: to the mouth symbol was accidentally overwritten with an older version that was missing the tongue drawings which caused them to disappear. Looks like the mouth symbol was overwritten by an older version as we were creating new facial expressions for the joy reactions. Fixed now and will be in a hotfix soon
  2. The doll was made by the mom of one of the other artists Aaron who's on Griftlands. She made Ren and Stinky dolls as well as a bunch of the Don't Starve animals and some of the Griftlands characters into little pose-able dolls too. She is super talented with needle felting. I'll try to get some pics of all her creations sometime.
  3. Does it count as "Dupe a day" if I made myself a Dupe for a day? Happy Hallowe'en!!! Turnip is a Slickster!
  4. Just took a look in the flash file, and there was a duplicate of the art_3x2_a symbol on painting a and b, but it was invisible to the eye. It looked as if there was no artwork in the symbol which made it appear invisible...or perhaps layered underneath the other artwork symbol but the pivot point was way off to one side. Because it was invisible to the eye, you couldn't see it unless you highlighted the entire layer. I deleted the duplicates so it should be fine now. I don't think it affected the art in game as I've seen all the paintings display properly but it was still good to find and delete it in case it ever did cause an issue.
  5. WHOA!!! You did it!!! hahhaaha, it gives a beautiful sepia tone to the drawings!
  6. I secretly wish I was actually in a band hahaha. I had a fake band once with my friend Sarah called "The Sarica Experience". Never had a band practice but we had a fan song written and recorded about us lol. Now I really wanna draw Dupe bands all day!!!
  7. Weeeeeeeeeeooooooooo!!!!!!! Gary! Man I've been gone too long from the forums. Busy busy busy. I gotta do some more dupe drawings soon to make up for my absence here. I'm glad Gary is still gettin some love though
  8. More like Pitt-Pitt...amirite? get it...cause my name is Pitt, and I just redyed my hair dark purple.... -_- I'll see myself out now. Jk
  9. I accidentally locked myself out of my account for the past 4 days.... lol. >_< I will start doing new dupe a days soon now that I'm back
  10. Just out for a walk with my Hatch...
  11. Sort of an OC I suppose, just kinda doodled it up last night. I need to do some Redward fan art next....or a Bob Ross dupe lol
  12. I was going to do a surf board but then it got really late last night so it turned into a Silver Surfer inspired hoverboard..... >_<