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  1. Does the meteorite count? I used it on guarded Borailla way more than 5 times and I still didn't get the achievement...
  2. Okay, sorry for the salty comment. Now it works. Still dunno why the event had to end in middle of the afternoon. Yesterday every players said it will end at midnight. Can we next time have a timer or the exact date written on the front page/menu of the game? That would help a lot.
  3. Great. No one said what time zone it is... and it suddenly ended. I have a lot of spools saved up and now I can't even weave that fricking WX skin.
  4. If by AV you mean anti-virus, then it's called COMODO. It's quite good for a free anti-virus, and I never had a problem like this with it before.
  5. PROBLEM SOLVED! My anti-virus put the whole game in the quarantine, didn't even give me notification about it. I had to unlock it TWICE, but now it's running again. Still don't know why it happened, I have COMODO, if this useful information. It never did that before.
  6. Thank you! I managed to run Steam as admin, tho Don't Starve Together sill gives me the same error message.
  7. I have the same problem. Well, I don't know how to run Steam as admin... so, uhh... I just copy/paste my message I left on Reddit: I haven't played DST for some time, and yesterday when I wanted to start it an error window popped up with the following message: Fatal Error Steam must be running to play this game (SteamAPI_Init() failed). I trying to open the game from Steam, so duh, it's running. I closed steam, then restarted. Steam updated something. Still can't open the game. I did verify the integrety of my gamecache. Didn't help. I can open and play any other game from Steam without a problem. Also, I re-installed DXSetup and VCRedist. Didn't help, so I re-installed the whole game, and still don't start. Someone help me please?