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  1. Yikes. Which AV, so the rest of us can avoid it like the plague it probably is?
  2. To run Steam as admin, quit Steam, then right-click on whatever shortcut you use to launch it and click "Run as Administrator." If you're on Windows 10, it might be under a menu called "More."
  3. So this is two errors in one. First, the game randomly crashed when I tried to enter a sinkhole. No idea what happened there, as I just shrugged it off and tried to rejoin; this led to the second error. I believe the .mdmp file was generated by this first crash; however, having no way to read the file locally, I cannot be sure. I searched the forum and found that this error has been reported before, but no solutions were offered that fit my situation. My client log reports that the game requested 2,316,597,890 bytes of memory, which when converted is around 2 GB. My computer has 32 GB in total. The log then goes on to list that the system memory load is only 31%, that there is 22526 MB (22 GB) of 32721 MB (32 GB) available. How exactly did the game fail to receive the 2 GB it requested when there was 22 GB available? Edit: An update. Just tried to run it again, in case it was a one-time error; nope, happened again. New client_log.txt attached. client_log.txt
  4. Soooo...odd one for ya here. I decided to do a short screencap, which I've attached to this post. Closing Steam and then running it as admin fixed the issue, but the fact remains that it happened in the first place, and, unbelievable as it may be, there are gamers out there in this world who do not know how to run a program as admin, or don't have an administrative account (underage, shared computer, etc.) and so can't run it as admin. ...I was a bit of a stooge and forgot to take a copy of the client log before starting the game post-Steam-as-admin, and it's now been overwritten with a log of the game working perfectly. Sorry. 2017-04-22 22-40-12.mp4