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  1. Basically, while i was looking on the map for the salt biome, i realized there were structures appearing on the map that had the same position as the ones in my base but in different locations. Once i went to the structures they dissapeared from the map. photo of my actual base: photo of fake base (only on the map): photo of both my actual base and fake base: photo of fake base once i got close to structures:
  2. Usually when a player disconnects while on a boat they are sent to the florid postern, but for some reason when my friend got disconnected (because of internet issues) he was sent in the middle of the ocean and was able to walk freely on it (the map was still saying he was at the florid postern). He tried disconnecting and entering back into the world and he was instantly killed by drowning (this time he was next to the portal and all of the items as well). An image we took while he was in the middle of the ocean:
  3. If a Roc spawns near a crumbling brazier, it will constantly try to destroy it by smashing it's face into it. Because the brazier is indestructible, the Roc will keep smashing it forever and only disappear when it gets despawned by getting too far away from the player. A simple solution to this would be to make the braziers destructible.
  4. I entered my house, lit a fire and when night hands came out the hands were detached from the arms.
  5. If you go to the renovation tab and change to any other tab it will still show the names of the decorations (wallpapers, columns, etc.).
  6. I have a world with Wilba and one with Wilbur and choosing to make a normal Ds world and cancelling turns all of the DLC characters into wilson (only appearance). Before cancelling After cancelling Video: Characterbug.mp4
  7. I first noticed this bug when i sheared some grass while looking forward. Her whole face disappeared instead of squinting her eyes like other characters. This also happens when she stays in fog or sneezes (witch is also supposed to make characters squint). wilba sneezing wilba in fog wilba shearing grass (i'm guessing this is because she is missing the squinting sprite but i am not sure)
  8. It's because of geometric placement. I had the same issue but it worked after i turned it off.
  9. After a few minutes of fog it started raining. The rain cleared out the fog but then i realized that the rain didn't make any noise unless going under a tree. Fog.mp4
  10. Sometimes when creating a new world, after the loading screen finishes and i spawn in the loading screen noise can still be heard. Turning the music to 0 and back seems to make it stop tough. This seems to only happen sometimes. Loading screen bug.mp4
  11. I wanted to go into the options to change the sound and noticed the "report bug" option. I never saw it before so i clicked on it. The music stopped and then i cancelled. Once i cancelled i noticed that the music still wasn't playing and that the title screen for the game also stopped moving. This happens every time for me. Report bug bug.mp4