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  1. Thank you both! This should make it a lot easier to write the code and speed it up a lot.
  2. Great it works thank you! Man I had such a headache of this thank you for helping me out!
  3. Okay so I have an issue with it. When in the game, the recipes I edit will not need a science machine or alchemy engine to craft. I assumed that it was TECH.NONE that I had to change but I tried everything I could think of, I also downloaded other mods to see what they did. Nothing has worked and I really need to know how to change this. Another issue is that I cannot get items from crafting non-structures. I am sorry that I couldn't figure this out for myself like I thought I could. Thank you!
  4. Fantastic, thank you! This works great and I am extremely thankful. Would you like to be credited on the mod page when its released for helping me greatly with the code?
  5. So I was thinking of making a mod that makes crafting recipes harder to add a little challenge but I cannot figure out how I would go about doing this. My problem is that I cannot figure out how I would change the crafting recipes of items. For an example I was thinking of changing the lightning rod recipe to... 2x Gold nuggets - 1x Cut stone - 1x Volt goat horn. If someone could post how I would code this then I could figure out how I would do this then I can start making it. Much thanks!