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  1. I would recommend to read comments under message about Griftlands on Steam. People are mad there and crying there and I would quote some of them. "Epic Game Store I no longer plan to support this developer. Only -75% sales" "RIP Klei 11/6/2019♥♥♥♥ Klei, I will never buy another Klei game, Klei is dead to me. Enjoy you're dirty money like the ♥♥♥♥♥s you are!" And as I mention, EGS need to earn some money, so they wanted this advantage. Who would buy game on EGS, when you can buy it on Steam? When people just want it now and don't care from where is, they will buy it on EGS.
  2. I don't often write on forum, but the reaction, which I read on steam and other places, made me do it. At the beginning I want to say I'm not supporting Epic store and I will wait and buy it on Steam. I must admit that I thought this game would be something like Darkest Dungeon like someone mention here. And I'm sorry, my English it's not so good. I'm sad because lot of people is just mad on Klei because they put Griftlands on Epic store, they are saying, that they won't buy any game in future. And I found some positive thing about this game. Look at the price, for me it is very nice. I would be mad only when it would be cheaper on Epic store. I don't mind waiting, but price should be same on both places. I kinda understand why Klei put it on Epic store. It is only my vision, why Klei did it. Just imagine the game market is same as market with foods etc, Imagine that Coca Cola would be sold only in one kind of shop. What is better for company to have their product in one kind of shops or in many kind of shop? I guess it is for them better have it in more shops. Let's return to Klei on game market. You have main shops as Steam, Epic store, Origin, Battle.net and others. I guess on Steam it's the easiest to get there. If you look on other shops as Origin and Battle.net there are only big companies (EA, Blizzard), I guess you need have some money and some fame get, because the shops want to attract new users to them. How can small company as Klei get on these shops? And we finally get to the Epic store, as we know Epic store is kinda new on this market so he want to attract companies via money and accessibility to their shop. And nothing is free and Epic store want to earn some money so they want have some advantage so they maybe said we want to have it sooner than Steam. The world it's not only black and white and being on Epic store doesn't mean the every company is sellout. If Klei would be sellout why would they do that when you buy on Steam you will get free copy on Epic store and vice versa it's very good feature. I know it's hard to believe but some people just don't like Steam and don't want to support it. They will be happy because they can "finally" play some Klei game on other client than Steam. And to be honest when people are mad that they will wait for this on Steam and on Epic they will get immediately look on other game from Klei which is on Epic store. Yeah Oxygen not included is on Epic store. Why nobody don't freak out because of it? Maybe it's because on epic store you can't still buy, it says - comming soon. If you read until now, thank you for reading. I know that here is not so radical like I mention on beginning but I just want to react on this topic, because I'm just big fan of Klei.